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Asia-Pacific is the biggest as well as the fastest-growing market for pour point depressants, having a significant share of around 33.
ThePour Point Depressants (PPDs) Market in Asia-Pacific is projected to register the fastest growth mainly due to the presence of emerging economies such as China and Indonesia.
Automotive: The fastest-growing industry for pour point depressants
Lubricants industry (by chemistry and by end user industry): The largest market for pour point depressants
Corrosion Inhibitors II-35Chemical Composition II-35End-Use II-35Detergents II-35Chemicals II-36End-Use II-36Dispersants II-36Chemical Composition II-36End-Use II-36Extreme Pressure Additives II-36Chemical Compositon II-36End-Use II-37Foam Control Agents II-37Chemical Composition II-37End-Use II-37Pour Point Depressants II-37Chemicals II-37End-Use II-37Viscosity Index Improvers II-37Chemical Composition II-38End-Use II-38Other Lube Additives II-38Biocides II-38Demulsifiers and Emulsifiers II-38Metal Deactivators II-38Dyes and Other Colorants II-39Friction Modifiers II-39Anti-Freeze Agents/Coolants II-39Anti-Rust Agents II-39Combustion Improvers II-39Raw Material Analysis II-39Chemistry II-39Ethyleneamines II-39
Pour Point Depressants by Geographic Region - US, Canada,
At the end of 2003 more than 50,000 children were being given the medication, with more than 170,000 prescriptions for anti- depressants issued to under-18s in the UK.
A new report reveals a 116 per cent rise in five years in the use of anti- depressants such as Prozac.
And he said many people who relied on anti- depressants had difficulty weaning themselves off them.
THE number of children being prescribed anti- depressants and other mood altering drugs has risen 70 per cent in two years, research reveals.