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If there is a loosening of the head clamp or one hears the sound of a crack as the clamp is being tightened a depressed fracture should be considered.
In the first case, an old man from Snuifklip was recovered from a consolidated sand dune at Vleesbaai, west of Mossel Bay; (11) 2 depressed fractures indicated that he had been hit over the head twice.
In 2008 he returned and played in a protective mask just two weeks after surgery on a depressed fracture in his skull.
1] In majority of head injury cases, the incidence of depressed fracture of skull (DFS) is on the rise, requiring augmented care, trained personnel, and sophisticated equipment for saving the life of the patients.
KARACHI -- Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad's CT scan in Dubai shows depressed fracture of zygomatic arch of skull, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced on Monday.
I spoke to the doc, and it's guess work because he's not been X-rayed yet, but it looks a really bad one in terms of a compressed or depressed fracture of the cheekbone.
She has suffered severe head injury with depressed fracture, doctors at Safdarjung Hospital said.
After being rushed to hospital by ambulance, 42-year-old Mr Jawaid, from Birmingham, had seemed to be making a good recovery from a depressed fracture to his skull.
She was diagnosed with a depressed fracture of the eye socket and later had three metal plates inserted into her face.
He has a chipped jaw bone, a depressed fracture of the cheekbone, a broken nose, an eye socket that's been done in and stitches above and below all of that.
The 46-year-old - later to die in unrelated circumstances - was beaten so badly four bones in his face were broken, his eye was swollen shut, and he suffered a depressed fracture to his skull.