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Key Words: Traumatic brain injury, Road traffic accident, Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage, Depressed skull fracture.
We present one case of depressed skull fractures and associated epidural hematomas resulted from pin-type head holder for craniotomy in young children.
LOCKED UP: Mark Chesney, right, has been jailed for six and a half years for three burglaries, including one where he suffered a depressed skull fracture after a householder confronted him HOUSEHOLDER: Darren McGirr outside Teesside Crown Court, right
O'Dwyer suffered a depressed skull fracture and spent several days in the head injuries unit at Glasgow's Southern General.
Since trephination was practiced for a number of reasons (including allowing egress of bad spirits in cases of illness and head injury), it is conceivable that the trephination was made directly over a depressed skull fracture.
Cech has worn a protective scrum cap ever since he was forced to undergo emergency surgery for a depressed skull fracture in the wake of being caught on the head by Reading's Stephen Hunt in October 2006.
Only patients with clinically diagnosed depressed skull fracture with a GCS of 13-15 were included in this study and where the presence of brain pathology on CT, if any, was documented.
Cech had a depressed skull fracture and doctors said that it nearly cost him his life.
A depressed skull fracture, a diastatic fracture greater than 3 mm wide, a nonparietal fracture, and any fracture associated with intracranial hemorrhage raise the suspicion of abuse.
The fact that Cech suffered a depressed skull fracture has led to suggestions that protective headgear, similar to that used in boxing, should be made mandatory for goalkeepers, but I'm not in favour of the idea at all.