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Graham Newton, retail partner for BDO in West Yorkshire, said: "Failures were depressingly high in 2009, but they have hit their peak and the good news is that we will finally see a fall in 2010.
It's another depressingly bleak sign of these grim economic times.
IT'S depressingly ironic that the long-awaited plans for a pounds 15m sports complex in Consett should be in jeopardy once again, just as Britain basks in its Olympic glory.
DEPRESSINGLY - and depressingly predictably - Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) have become little more than badges of "honour" for the low-grade offenders and petty criminals they were designed to control.
MAUREEN Messent's article ( Mail, September 21) was depressingly naive.
Depressingly for those of us used to seeing home-grown talent on the scrapheap, the winners will be offered youth terms at one of four English clubs participating - Bolton, Everton, Wigan and Nottingham Forest.
But, of course, there is always that depressingly inevitable comeback.
In a nutshell: The usual laundry list of suspects, a body count that inches up incrementally and solid performances by the stars help make up for a couple of depressingly obvious plot twists.
I left for the comfort of my armchair and telephone, wondering how long this place would take to descend into depressingly familiar territory.
But her condition is depressingly predictable in a city with one of the highest levels of teen pregnancy in Britain.
But to claim that in this project or those that followed she illuminated anything about subcultures or social categories is depressingly naive.