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RECESSION. A re-grant: the act of returning the title of a country to a government which formerly held it, by one which has it at the time; as the recession of Louisiana, which took place by the treaty between France and Spain, of October 1, 1800. See 2 White's Coll. 516.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If he did not at once give his consent to a reunion with his wife, it was only because in his state of depression he did not feel able to take any step.
We can bear up against depression; but it's hard on my little girl.
"I mean because of the depression. It spoils everything."
My one fear was that the blasting gust of depression would return--the surest way, of course, to bring it.
A man, I knew, can live through ages of mental depression in that time.
"Have you forgotten what comes after the depression ?"
The first impression, on seeing the correspondence of the horizontal strata on each side of these valleys and great amphitheatrical depressions, is that they have been hollowed out, like other valleys, by the action of water; but when one reflects on the enormous amount of stone, which on this view must have been removed through mere gorges or chasms, one is led to ask whether these spaces may not have subsided.
They have both a quadrangular depression in the centre, leaving the rest of the terrace elevated several feet above it.
Her depression was then terrible, and she could have hidden herself in a tomb.
water stands in deep puddles in the depressions forward of their
In pregnancy there are chief physiological as well as psychological episode.1 Pregnancy and depression influence each other.2 Depression is an affective disorder, it is also characterized by sustained sorrow and noticeable anhedonia in daily routine as chief symptoms prevailing for one or more than one week.
Depression is a disease which has assumed immense public health importance with fast changing life styles and increasing life spans.