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What he lamented was the deprival of that first step, that first object of love.
Economic decline, the deprival of freedom, and general desperation and lack of hope are, in fact, precisely the problem.
While freedom of religion may be less clearly connected to democracy than is freedom of expression, the deprival of a large segment of the population of such rights would tend to disrupt the democratic process, but--to cite a small case in point--the limitation of toleration to the "three heavenly religions" (as in Egypt, where fringe cults such as alleged devil worshipers sometimes face crackdowns) and penalties for those who are contemptuous of heavenly religions, whatever one might think about such a denial of freedom, would not necessarily undermine democratic rule.
Applying an accounting concept of deprival value, the standards established a process in which a cost approach could be applied in the absence of relevant and reliable market information, but only through processes that assured the results were not measured from the perspective of the owner-occupant, but from other market supported data.
Former Government Minister Mr Henderson said: "I think it's wrong that former miners' families should be suffering because of the deprival of pensions rights."
On the other axis (represented by the rows) is the method by which death comes: moving progressively from deprival of lifesaving medical treatment, through starvation and dehydration by removal of food and fluids, to direct killing.
It is a retelling of the story of Tristan and Ysolt, a tragedy of deception and deprival. Millhauser's version is a strained love triangle in which the king, his queen (Ysolt), and his nephew (Tristan) are all perpetually denied the object of their affection.
GAAP, but fair value might also be taken to mean entry value (replacement cost), net realizable value, value-in-use, or deprival value.
114-550 (J)(13)(b) (2001) (prohibiting "[c]ruel, inhumane and inappropriate discipline," including "but not necessarily limited to the following: head shaving or any other dehumanizing or degrading act; prolonged/frequent deprival of food ...; slapping or shaking"); TENN.
The deprival of dental care to residential schools students as described in some letters may have never happened.
To request the transfer of prisoners from one block to another may upset that internal structure and have serious repercussions such as fights, rivalries between groups or the deprival of certain advantages linked to residence in a given block.
Plants growing in a nutrient-rich peat bog (in mg [kg.sup.-1] soil DW: N[H.sub.3], 20-150; P, 2-3) in Virginia were treated by supplemental insect feeding (one fly per month), prey deprival, urea (170 g N [m.sup.-2]), phosphate (195 g P [m.sup.-2]) soil supply, or by combination of N and P.