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What he lamented was the deprival of that first step, that first object of love.
which it condemns in capital cases on the ground that deprival of
The first step came in the movement from voluntary to nonvoluntary deprival of lifesaving medical treatment.
It is a retelling of the story of Tristan and Ysolt, a tragedy of deception and deprival.
Rather than extend the review process to allow for a full and fair review of all applications, the ICANN staff pushed forward on an unrealistic time line which resulted in a deprival of due process to all applicants.
The deprival of dental care to residential schools students as described in some letters may have never happened.
To request the transfer of prisoners from one block to another may upset that internal structure and have serious repercussions such as fights, rivalries between groups or the deprival of certain advantages linked to residence in a given block.
In the context of accounting for public 'assets', replacement cost or deprival value accounting is one such alternative.
Similarly, prey deprival led to a 20% increase in total plant biomass.