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For people with breast, colorectal or lung cancer in the most deprived areas, 22.6% were diagnosed at stage one between January 1 2017 and December 31 2018, compared with 29.1% in the least deprived areas.
The number of 18 year olds from the most deprived areas accepted to university has remained the same as last years record high, while the total number of acceptances to UK providers from the most deprived areas is the second highest on record, UCAS data shows.
They found that those from the most deprived areas were exposed to tobacco retailing (coming within 10 metres of a shop selling tobacco) about 149 times per week - far higher than the 23 times for those from the least deprived areas.
People are deprived of their basic rights including education, health and employment.
More than a quarter of the gap seen for men (26 per cent) was due to higher mortality rates from circulatory disease among the most deprived.
Nearly a quarter of the gap seen for men (23%) was due to higher mortality rates from cancer among the most deprived.
The Home Secretary personally decides whether someone should be deprived of their British identity.
Birmingham CrossCity CCG saw 39 visits per 100 people, and is the 8th most deprived CCG, while Birmingham South and Central CCG saw 36 visits per 100 people and is the 10th most deprived area.
'Five masked robbers intercepted vehicles in Damgalla area putting heavy rocks on the road and deprived men and women passengers of their valuables and fled the scene,' Khursheed Zaman, a passenger, told reporters on Saturday.
GUJRANWALA -- Dacoits and thieves were on the rampage as citizens were deprived of cash and valuables in 28 hits here on Saturday.
BAHAWALPUR -- Unidentified bike lifters took away bike from an area lying within jurisdiction of PS Luddan while in other two separate incidents, men were deprived of cash and cotton.