depth of thought

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He possessed a good figure, a pleasing face, not overburdened with depth of thought or feeling; and his dress was that of the conventional man of fashion.
Your story, you know, showed such breadth, and vigor, such maturity and depth of thought. A masterpiece, that story - I knew it when I had read the first half-dozen lines.
In our bodies, a bold projecting brow falls off to and indicates a corresponding depth of thought. Also there is a bar across the entrance of our every cove, or particular inclination; each is our harbor for a season, in which we are detained and partially land-locked.
But sometimes, I believe, she really had some little gratification in conversing with me; and one bright February morning, during twenty minutes' stroll along the moor, she laid aside her usual asperity and reserve, and fairly entered into conversation with me, discoursing with so much eloquence and depth of thought and feeling on a subject happily coinciding with my own ideas, and looking so beautiful withal, that I went home enchanted; and on the way
The effect of any writing on the public mind is mathematically measurable by its depth of thought. How much water does it draw?
"I have succeeded," replied the artist, with a momentary light of triumph in his eyes and a smile of sunshine, yet steeped in such depth of thought that it was almost sadness.
That segment was hosted by Sky's Kay Burley who showed all the agility of mind and depth of thought she is rightly revered for (my tongue is about to burst through my cheek) when she asked Cameron "Can you eat three Shredded Wheat?" Ed Miliband on the other " hand was given short shrift by the audience who seemed to determined to find out whether he really was a geek and why his brother David had lost the leadership contest.
It seems to be normal that not all the information given in the commentary shows the same depth of thought; sometimes there is too much paraphrase or the exact citation is missing.
This book shows how, supports one of six 'superpowers', and encourages depth of thought and Common Core applications throughout.
Our students should be educated with both breadth and depth of thought, with experiential learning components in international, multicultural settings.
depth of thought, a profound wisdom of technique, order of things) it means to be part of humanity's heritage of ceramics, one of the focal points of our world made of moulded and baked clays and minerals.
The depth of thought and detail that has gone into each piece is clear evidence of the success of the project which gave the men, a mix of ages, the theme of "Home" to inspire them.