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Surely 'Miri' offers a corrective to Baxter's remark about 'staccato rhythms and consciously depthless images'.
It is a language so committed to the arbitrary and depthless juxtaposition of objects and subjects that their coincidence in one place comes to seem no more than a colossal accident of being: they just "are," in all their brute contingency, "there together.
This was a new kind of space, and Satterwhite seems to show us what it has become: not one but many boundless, depthless worlds and screens, all mobile and connected, and everywhere strange.
Games operate within such logic of simulation, and the film industry, both now and in Faulkner's time, works within the dynamics of hyperreality in its depthless sets and its conflation of different moments into a reorganized narrative, or relational time, creating a closed simulated reality.
But it's only the body below the surface that carries such authority; the surface appearance of the body may still be a depthless apparition, a commercial presentation, one of a million roaming pin-ups.
Played out against Moody's stark mood-picture of Jersey (a Springsteenesque landscape-in-ruins: gritty train yards, shallow rivers thick with chemical spills, utility plants belching carcinogenic smoke, triple-X drive-ins, creepy abandoned factories, all sopped by a nearly steady rain) and struck in a plainsong prose line that is as flat and depthless as the characters themselves, the plot centers on the tension that evolves as Alice sorts through her growing feelings for Lane.
Even Keneret's few sentences were like lifting a manhole cover from the depthless sewer of life.
In the place of the mirror - with its illusion of depth, distance, and an other side - the screen serves as a depthless surface which returns no gaze (Transparency 54).
This procedure depends on the conviction that media images are now simultaneously so pervasive, powerful, sophisticated, and depthless that the very idea of "image" demands not duplication but a deconstruction enacted in three ways: by the use of image in full awareness of its deceptiveness (Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, Michael Palmer, Leslie Scalapino, Ron Silliman); by a move toward syntax rather than image as poetic dominant (from Gertrude Stein, Louis Zukofsky, and George Oppen to a number of Language poets); by focus on the word itself as graphic Image.
18) Even with the superimposition of numerous images and a taut, wiry energy of execution, Jamie's earlier drawings often appear depthless, almost diagrammatic, and--given the profusion of skulls, intestines, disembodied eyes, and headless torsos--distinctly uncanny, dead and alive at the same time.
Hose's murder by a white mob on April 23, 1899, unleashed a ferocious outpouring of racial rage, sexual panic, and depthless anxiety.
At times in the sloppiness of those days, with cigarette ashes and spilled drinks gumming the table in the Butterfly Arcade and the alarmed or disgusted proprietor hovering and sizzling vectors of living energy making a whirling constellation of our little collective--at such times I found myself overcome with a depthless, infinite peace, and I resolved henceforth to live knowing each moment could be my last.