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to establish the efficiency of capturing the fly ash in the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) at the maximum load of the boiler by spraying the vapour of technical water and the depurated water of the ash field ponds after the steam superheater;
The mussel density for the depurated and non-depurated groups was 500 grams (17 individuals per liter) to maintain a compatible density with the total volume of the aquaria during the experimental tests.
The concentrations of metals in tissues of non-depurated and depurated whole S.
When depurated, samples indicate the amount of trace elements available in the environment and, non-depurated samples suggest (usually with a greater variability) the amount of metal that will be consumed by predators/consumers.
Data analysis: This depurated sample included 59 empirical studies analyzing the topic of innovation in FB.
Before beginning the fieldwork, the questionnaire was tested, valued and depurated with the esteemed help of a 5 membership group of teachers of the Economics and Business Administration Faculty of the University of A Coruna, all of them experts in using the PLS (Partial Least Squares), which target is to predict latent variables in the Theory of Planned Behavior context.
In this sense, poetry, rather than offering a mediated account of the phenomena through discursive explanation, offers a mediated immediacy: the events imitated have the particularity, vividness and emotional impact of immediate events, but are depurated of the opaque elements that may hinder our comprehension in the real world.
Depurated and humidified to 95[+ or -]5%, the airflow was passed through the charge and afterward the pollutant concentration fell to 18 mg/m .
The anti-HBc IgM negative means that contact was not recent, whereas the HBsAg negative means that virus was depurated of the organism.
Moreover, norovirus particles were detected in the 2 depurated water samples (1 from each area), then indicating insufficient treatment conditions.
The shellfish depurated naturally and the beds could be opened for harvesting after 90 days.
Behind the cartographic representation is the spatial database created and depurated in this work, made up of seismologic and tectonic data of the Central American region.