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And, since the taboo was essentially religious, to Agno was deputed the ecclesiastical task of guarding and cherishing and caring for the royal laying-yard.
One of these double knocks at Madame Mantalini's door, announced the equipage of some great lady--or rather rich one, for there is occasionally a distinction between riches and greatness--who had come with her daughter to approve of some court-dresses which had been a long time preparing, and upon whom Kate was deputed to wait, accompanied by Miss Knag, and officered of course by Madame Mantalini.
No answer coming to these epistles, or to another written to the stubborn girl by the hand of her late young mistress, which might have melted her if anything could (all three letters were returned weeks afterwards as having been refused at the house- door), he deputed Mrs Meagles to make the experiment of a personal interview.
That is, I am deputed by Sir Leicester Dedlock, Baronet, to consider (without admitting or promising anything) this bit of business," says Mr.
Now I understand you, you know, and being deputed by Sir Leicester Dedlock, Baronet, to look into this little matter," again Sir Leicester mechanically bows in confirmation of the statement, "can give it my fair and full attention.
The detail of transfer posting was as under: SHO Bagnotar, Cadet Muhammad Nawaz has been deputed as SHO Nawanshehr, while SHO Mirpur, Sardar Rafiq was transferred later deputed at Police Station Bagnotar, SHO Police Station Mangal Abdul Ghafoor deputed at Mirpur Police Station, while Sub Inspector, previously sent to police line, Shehr yar Khan posted as SHO Mangal Police Station, SHO police station Lora, Haroon Khan, posted as SHO, P.
Owais Ahmed Khan Leghari has been deputed as Federal Minister.
Khattak recalled that in last Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam duty the board management deputed extra staffs in the exam duties and later the superintendents of the exams relieved the extra primary school teachers from each examination hall which was an insult of the teachers.
According to official sources, Assistant Manager Planning Imran Lodhi was deputed as SDO Operation Basti Malook while his predecessor SDO Abdul Wahid was deputed to Kot Addu first sub division.
MULTAN -- District Coordination Officer (DCO) Khalid Mehmood Sheikh has deputed coordinators at 14 wheat procurement centres of the district.