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Samuel testified at a hearing that he did not tell deputies he was on parole until after he was handcuffed and seated in the back of the patrol car, according to the ruling.
Upon arrival, the deputies surprised two males who were stripping an automobile.
Once deputies determine that a vehicle contains a suspected felon or an impaired driver, they do not take any overt action that might alert the occupants of the target vehicle of impending law enforcement action.
Once at the Avenue Q-4 home, deputies were told that the assailant was returning to his house on Dunmore.
He died in a gunbattle during which deputies used road flares to set fire to the shed in which he was hiding.
The man, identified as 33-year-old Larry Duncan of Lancaster, was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital to be checked for injuries suffered in the fight with deputies as well as the effects of the suspected drugs, sheriff's officials said.
NEWHALL -- Sheriff's deputies responding to a report of a domestic dispute Monday night fatally shot a man who threatened them with what turned out to be a BB gun, a sheriff's official said Tuesday.
PALMDALE -- Seventy sheriff's deputies surrounded a central Palmdale neighborhood Thursday to search for a sniper who fired at deputies standing outside an apartment complex where they had just found drugs and guns.
SANTA CLARITA -- Local sheriff's deputies gave station commander Capt.
Hundreds more people around Palmdale, Lancaster and the neighboring unincorporated communities were openly shooting off illegal fireworks Tuesday night, but deputies couldn't get to them all, officials said.
Concerned that agencies contracting with the Sheriff's Department are snapping up a limited number of deputies, Sheriff Lee Baca said Wednesday he has instituted a policy to ensure equitable distribution.