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Minister of Justice, Adel Abdel Hameed, issued the decision to deputise university security two weeks ago under the pretext of a "lack of security" in university campuses.
Cardiff council should reactivate preparations for the reception, and appoint someone to deputise for the Lord Mayor.
Cairo University chairman, Gaber Nassar, cancelled the decision to deputise a number of administrative security personnelwithin Cairo University on Sunday, though the decision remains in effect in other public universities.
With 14-goal top scorer Paul Brayson doubtful, Kevin Townson stands by the deputise up front alongside James Dean.
Should he not feature, Dougie Freedman will deputise in attack once more.
The Rainbow Alliance has kept the six cabinet positions, which are filled by the leader and deputy leader and senior councillors, but has not appointed anyone to deputise.
During the time Mr Lankester is on leave Dave Nash, corporate director for environmental services, will deputise.
Minister of Justice Adel Abdel Hameed's decision to deputise a number of administrative university security personnel stirred controversy, although it was called for by some public university chairmen.
Boss Simon Grayson must decide whether to include a reserve keeper on the bench with Barker, who would usually deputise for Paul Rachubka (banned).
He damaged his knee against Alfreton, so Steve Taylor will deputise.
With first-choice keeper Richard Partington still out with a damaged finger, youngster Ben Heald will deputise.
Assistant manager Neil Baker and Crewe academy director Steve Holland were forced to deputise for Gradi at last night's second round encounter with Premiership Leicester after the 62-year-old underwent an operation to replace a valve in his heart.