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2) Deputization formally gives a volunteer responsibilities and privileges during the temporary assignment as an agent of DOH.
The BIA proposed continuing education, certification, and deputization of superintendents to inspect certain phases, relieving the building departments from excess burden.
Special emphasis was placed on skills to establish voting services, identify deputization and registration procedures, and coordinate community campaigns.
Voting rights organizations fought for years to win mail-in registration as a way of limiting the discretion of local election officials to impose time, place, and deputization restrictions, and they succeeded in some 30 states.
So far, most of the deputization lawsuits brought have been lost.
The President made as well several other commitments that we need to press forward, including our proposal for a review and changes in the present regime of wage-setting; the signing of International Labor Organization Convention 151 for the public sector; representation in tripartite bodies; deputization of labor leaders as inspectors; and the holding of regular dialogues with labor, including meeting with striking transport workers.
45) At the federal level, TLOA enhances existing law to grant deputization to expand the authority of existing officers in Indian country to enforce federal laws normally outside their jurisdiction regardless of the perpetrator's identity.
Larry Cunningham, Note, Deputization of Indian Prosecutors: Protecting
This ipso facto deputization of white people in the face of Black people accounts for Fanon's materiality, and Martinot and Sexton's Manichean delirium in America.