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They would then be deputized as federal law enforcement officers.
He expressed his honour at being deputized by HM the King to attend the final, hailing both teams for their fairplay and outstanding performance.
The King said, "As I intend to travel outside the Kingdom on Saturday, I deputized Crown Prince Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz to administer the state's affairs and to take care of the people's interests during the period of my absence.
Weddings would be performed by the county clerk, or anyone else deputized by the clerk, and could be held anywhere from City Hall to churches where clergy members agree to perform the ceremony.
An Arizona law enforcement officer who was deputized by the federal authorities and who infiltrated the group said in the affidavit that one of the militia's leaders, Finis Howard Walker, 41, of Glendale, Ariz.
Deputized as the soloist just weeks ago, when violinist Vadim Repin canceled, the Philharmonic's new concertmaster pulled off quite a stunt himself - playing the same connoisseur agenda originally scheduled, which is not the sort of thing touring virtuosos, much less orchestra players, just happen to have up their sleeve.
As a member of the Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force in Fort Worth, Pitts was deputized as a Deputy U.
Hyde said the House already has deputized his committee to investigate any charges that are brought to its attention.