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Boiser said a police officer cannot be deputized by the LTO unless he or she has undergone proper training which will be jointly designed by the LTO and PNP.
He added that around 80 percent of the soon-to-be deployed deputized labor inspectors are from workers' federations and non-government organizations.
In their training, deputized traffic enforcers were oriented on how to apprehend traffic violators using LTOs Temporary Operators Permit (TOP), which provides stiff penalty to inculcate discipline to motorists and drivers.
The King said, "As I intend to travel outside the Kingdom on Saturday, I deputized Crown Prince Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz to administer the state's affairs and to take care of the people's interests during the period of my absence.
The deputized inspectors will be supervised by LLCOs and function on a voluntary basis, thus will not be paid for their services.
He expressed his honour at being deputized by HM the King to attend the final, hailing both teams for their fairplay and outstanding performance.
A large number of pilots, who are deputized as Federal law enforcement officers, now contribute to aviation security throughout the U.
MMDA officer in charge Tim Orbos stressed on Wednesday that only those who have been deputized by the agency could direct traffic.
Whatever ``true story'' this is based on, plenty of artistic license has obviously been taken - Danny drags Chance to meetings with mob bosses, where he's a witness to a shootout (the reason Danny has deputized the whole brood is explained, but hardly convincingly).
As a member of the Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force in Fort Worth, Pitts was deputized as a Deputy U.