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As Patrick French puts it: 'He was an east Indian West Indian who had been pulled out of his own society by a superior British education, leaving him a double exile, a deracinated colonial who was legally prevented from migrating inside the new Commonwealth'.
Leona and Eric both flee to New York from the South, seeking the deracinated space of a Northern urban utopia.
In the final, shortest chapter, he assesses the background of typical al-Qaeda recruits and argues that the group is a collection of deracinated migrants and converts that acts more as a parasite on other people's conflicts than a force capable of creating its own battlefields.
And Darwish's own musings, in many diwans, resulted in no less than the creation of a poetry so new, so radical, so cerebral, that it required from us a complete reorientation of our consciousness and of the idiom around which we organised our sense of being deracinated Palestinians.
Shawn Copeland, also one of the earlier thinkers in this movement, writes of the struggle in even sharper terms: "Womanists--theologians, ethicists, scholars, and cultural critics--fight a never-ending battle against the hegemony of the pseudo-universality of a deracinated male posited as the Western standard of normativity" (226).
Grounding his analysis in Eric Voegelin's concept of symbolization, Coetsier makes an indirect case for the thoroughly conservative realization that human experience, particularly as the individual's insight converges with traditional symbols that embody generations of wisdom, always takes precedence over the naked reason of the deracinated ideologue.
Wuthnow is careful not to depict his subjects as deracinated slackers, camped out in front of a television or a computer screen.
Compared to the vicious and often lethal populism of the first decades of the twentieth century it was light enough stuff, but it was essentially of the same form--a small group of deracinated types wanting of patriotic feeling and alienated from everyday life had set themselves in opposition to commonsense and self-evident values.
Knowledge and interpretation needed to be rooted in truth; superfluous and deracinated interpretation was meaningless (p.
In keeping with his radically deracinated condition, the hero of Maud is consigned to an impersonal public institution.
And as a result of their sense of inferiority, they became deracinated.
But the revelation that this white Zimbabwean is in fact a deracinated Jew adds a layer of irony to the Godwin family saga.