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The basis for this sequence--where the deracinated Dubrow compensates for her rootlessness with her "ambivalent" nostalgia for the world depicted in the book--is her imagining that Lewin's lost manuscripts were "discovered," as the "Translator's Note" informs us, "in 1986, [by] two schoolchildren .
This sort of deracinated presentation of how geographers understand reality conceals rich discussions about ontology, epistemology and concept formation that go back at least 40 years.
It also goes without saying that nationalism is integral to the popularity of the hard-edged economic populism of Jim Webb and John Edwards, who vigorously oppose a different set of deracinated cosmopolitans, namely the transnational corporate elite.
Shawn Copeland, also one of the earlier thinkers in this movement, writes of the struggle in even sharper terms: "Womanists--theologians, ethicists, scholars, and cultural critics--fight a never-ending battle against the hegemony of the pseudo-universality of a deracinated male posited as the Western standard of normativity" (226).
Grounding his analysis in Eric Voegelin's concept of symbolization, Coetsier makes an indirect case for the thoroughly conservative realization that human experience, particularly as the individual's insight converges with traditional symbols that embody generations of wisdom, always takes precedence over the naked reason of the deracinated ideologue.
Wuthnow is careful not to depict his subjects as deracinated slackers, camped out in front of a television or a computer screen.
The Greek figures in his travel books are "little more than cartoon figures, while the Alexandrian characters seem like a deracinated and ethnically cleansed group of late--Romantic aesthetics minus the edginess" (243).
In Wunnigel the antiques dealer is a modern figure, turning isolated, deracinated, obsolete relics into commodities, thus going beyond historicism.
A z jakiego portu plyna do jakiego" ("From Which Harbor to Which") shows a deracinated persona drifting, a theme that resonates throughout the collection.
But the revelation that this white Zimbabwean is in fact a deracinated Jew adds a layer of irony to the Godwin family saga.
One would have thought that such a deracinated act as the volume's naming would have eliminated any nostalgic impulse, but in fact this is not the case, for Pavolini seeks to recreate veritable regional voices of contemporary Italy, opting not for a "virtual" geography so much as an actual one.
Once defined by religious doctrine, moral tradition, and home-centered commitments to child rearing and gender complementarity in productive labor, marriage has become a deracinated and highly individualistic and egalitarian institution.