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Munro's soldiers are immunized from charges of deracination and transculturation by a soldierly masculinity that is powerfully differentiated from that of the EIC warlords he criticizes.
Ngugi wa Thiong'o observes in this regard that through colonial-style education and other forms of cultural deracination, Barbados has become circumscribed within the metropolitan orbit of colonial empire-building as little England.
The first mode of domestication is through deracination.
But so has his radical deracination, his isolation both from his blood kin in south Georgia and his colleagues at the University of Florida over the years.
19) The ideology implicitly accepts--and then makes explicit its endorsement of--a deracination in which national perspectives and loyalties play no role.
By the terms of conquest, security and abundance for the conquerors are the yield on terrible deracination and penury for the conquered.
The expression fachcha wasn't even born, for the people who coined it were in their diapers -- we were from ' good' schools and the slightest trace of Hindi seeping into our conversation was viewed as a certain sign of deracination.
The nameless graduate student at once epitomizes contemporary futility, purposelessness and deracination.
Heritage and Deracination in Walker's 'Everyday Use.
A breakdown of family and neighborhood bonds have led to this "social deracination and cultural denudement" (West, 2001 p.
To undo these modernizations by showing what the play "could not possibly be after 1800 and as long as Hamlet's interiority was taken as the vortical subject" (5), de Grazia then examines the deracination of modern Western man.
Elton tricked out in all her "apparatus of happiness" (358); the Box Hill excursion, where deracination, idleness, and irritation combine to provoke Emma to forget social responsibilities of which she'd be well aware back in Highbury.