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All the derailments took place when trains were passing over points at stations and caused significant disruption.
To bring his point home, Goyal even pointed out that the derailments didn't just happen in India and were not rare in developed countries too, where one could boast of the infrastructural facilities.
If you look into the particulars of each, almost all can be attributed to maintenance neglect,' Chavez said, adding that six cases of train derailment is 'unacceptable and unprecedented.
The Madhya Pradesh twin train derailments happened on August 4, 2015, when the Kamayani Express, on its way to Varanasi in UP, was the first to derail owing to flash floods in the area, followed by the Janata Express.
According to Federal Railroad Administration, more than 15 percent of derailments of trains in the United States occur due to damaged or broken rail tracks and welds, Scientific American reported.
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) issued a recommendation calling for Transport Canada to develop strategies to reduce the severity of derailments involving dangerous goods.
He did not say the oil trains would be required to move only at the speeds at which the tank cars are designed to be safe from rupturing during derailments.
While no injuries were reported, the train remained engulfed in flames six hours after the derailment, officials said.
TORONTO -- A fiery oil train derailment in Ontario this month suggests new safety requirements for tank cars carrying flammable liquids are inadequate, Canada's transport safety board announced Monday.
over what Union Pacific says was inadequate repairs that caused several derailments.
The derailment on December 30 highlighted concerns about shipping crude by rail.
Presidential derailment is defined here as the termination or resignation of a university president before the end of his or her contract; the book focuses on first-term derailments because they represent a failure in the processes used to recruit, select, and nurture new university presidents.