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It was the third CN oil train derailment in less than a month, and the second in the same area, renewing concerns about the safety of shipping crude oil by train.
14 train derailment met upgraded standards that started to be instituted last year for new tank cars carrying crude and other flammable liquids.
The NTSB is studying what role a broken axle might have played in the derailment of the grain train.
Derailments "are a flag to us that we need to take a closer look," Kulm said.
FIRE ALERT: Train billows smoke like real accident; AUTHENTIC: A volunteer victim at yesterday's staged derailment where dummies added to the effect
Another driver who works in the same service area as Takami said, ''I was led to believe that going double the limit would not cause a derailment.
In particular, bits of the compartment lining material (typically epox) can be dislodged by derailments, sideswipes, use of improper vibrators, denting from a sledgehammer, careless use of vacuum wands, and similar accidents.
In several cases, derailments occurred after years of abuse.
The threat seems to be growing, with at least 30 deliberate derailments in India since January 2000, almost four times the number of derailments in the 1990s, and 15 times the number of incidents in the 1980s," said Mr.
WASHINGTON, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A Department of Energy report on crude oil properties and transportation safety published today highlights the continued need for efforts to prevent more train derailments, said API Director of Midstream Robin Rorick.
Monday's accident was the latest in a spate of fiery derailments, and senior federal officials said it drives home the need for stronger tank cars, more effective braking systems and other safety improvements.
A company's derailment rate is calculated using the number of derailments per million train miles reportable to the Federal Railroad Administration.