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Chief Minister Inspection Team back in 2014 had vanished the inquiry report in which total coast of derange system had been increased from 1.4 to 2.5 billion rupees.
Now researchers from the Milan University Medical School in Italy report in the April 21 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE that the disease may be caused by a derange dimmune system.
For those who have experienced the unforgettable accelerated tempo of mescaline, speed invariably remains the problem, doubtless the key to many others." In what today reads as a neo-Rimbaudian attempt to deliberately derange the senses in order to become a seer--or, as Michaux says, to become sufficiently "disoriented" to experience "the abnormal"--he declares his ambition "to lift the veil from the normal." His drawings are an attempt to render the speed of what he saw as the unfettered unconscious of schizophrenics, those under the influence of drugs, and idiots savants.