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The more Tories smear Labour, the more deranged Conservatives sound.
Talking of deranged conspiracy theorists, what about the mainstream Labour Party?
The person is a serial killer, a deranged disability analyst.
Often public figures, in government or the media, show all the qualities associated with idiocy: whether they are ignorant, stupid, nonsensical or deranged.
It was a great wee town with very friendly people, and I feel so very sorry that they are forced to have this deranged family in their midst.
I would forgo a desire for diversity if we could replace all of our minds with deranged jungle narratives and a pure belief in beautiful otherworlds.
No-one has noticed that Pepper has gone missing and she loses hope of escape from Mary's clutches, though at least she has Kevin to talk to when his deranged mum locks him up too.
high-risk entry); 2 while handling mentally deranged persons; and 1 while maintaining custody of a prisoner for transport.
They are sinister figures uniquely deranged by their lust for power, their limited ability "to see the world from any point of view other than their own," and their willingness to submit to authority.
Deranged inventors ponder the possibilities: The Clotrampoline.