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Some temporary derangement in the machinery of the business was undoubtedly produced in consequence of the sudden death of the lamented managing partner, Mr.
Unhappiness, almost mental derangement, was visible on his mobile, rather handsome face, while without even noticing Anna's coming in, he went on hurriedly and hotly expressing his views.
Well, it's not so much a trembling,' was the answer - 'though they do quiver - as a complete derangement of the nervous system.
My landlady is subject to some slight attacks of mental derangement,' remarked Bob Sawyer, with a ghastly smile; 'I fear I must give her warning.
com)-- Chef Ron Levi, formerly known as the Doctor of Donut Derangement, and a winner of Food Network's Donut Showdown, has recently joined up with the founder of Psycho Donuts in "Donut Madness," a collaboration to bring Sacramento the most creative donut treats imaginable.
About 10% were taking a medication with a high risk of metabolic derangement (clozapine, olanzapine).
Passion Flower ( Aleph; `495) features characters who, despite their varying personal demons and state of derangement, are all stuck in solitude.
Le malheur de la dame ne s'est pas limite a ce stade de derangement.
He also suffers from a condition in his left leg called internal derangement of the knee which stops him from walking more than a few metres.
It certainly ruffled a few feathers, although Natalie Portman (above) earned her Oscar for amazing derangement.
Derangement Syndrome over 1 Destroyer in Atlantic An entire fleet of Iranian ships is close to the American border = one supply ship with thirty sailors is in International waters.
First note that any permutation [sigma] of size n can be seen as a pair (S, [delta]) where S is its set of k fixed points and [delta] a derangement of [n - k].