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The 2016 Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey published this year shows a two-per-cent fall in the total amount of derelict and urban vacant land on 2015, down from 12,688 hectares to 12,435.
Scotlands Chief Statistician has today released the latest annual statistics on the extent of vacant and derelict land in Scotland.
Ken McEwan of the Fire and Rescue Service warned young people's lives could be lost in derelict properties.
The derelict property was destroyed and the scene was made safe by 6.
The majority of people we spoke to at the event welcomed our proposals to regenerate this derelict site and provide new job opportunities for local people.
A design statement prepared by Birmingham-based transport consultancy Phil Jones Associates said: "The site has been vacant for a number of years and is occupied by three buildings which are partially derelict.
Emergency services were forced to close the High Street between Harborne Park Road and Station Road after debris and rubble from the derelict pub were scattered across the pavements and carriageway.
The derelict building that suddenly collapsed on Sunday afternoon - narrowly missing a passing car - was under private ownership and had been due to be demolished.
Id In the derelict manor house dubbed Red Dress Manor, there is still a photograph of the last owner wearing the striking dress that gives the house its name.
The three schoolboys were building a fort when they found the weapon in a derelict shed on a housing estate in Longford town.
Fourteen-year-old Simon Martin's semi-naked body was found in a derelict block of flats, in Sunderland in May 1990.
The schemes involved varied from small infill sites to the refurbishment of a derelict section of the internationally-renowned Grade 2* listed Byker estate.