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This dark economy of abandonment that transforms bodies into commodities, highlights the slippage between expositio-- the abandonment of life--and derelictio, a parallel category that designated the abdication of claims over material property (Berger, 1953: 433).
Et Gaius nous dit a ce sujet << religiosae quae diis manibus relictae sunt >> : les choses religieuses sont celles qui sont abandonnees aux dieux des morts, les manes, par l'intermediaire d'une forme de derelictio.
Mas isso nao importa, porque nao se olha este aspecto: para mim, a iusta causa mais nitida e sobressalente e a que confunde todas as outras teorias: a derelictio.
Mr Rankin had been head-hunted by Frank Cabot, the man whose generosity initially rescued n and who lopments The Aberglasney from derelictio continues to back new deve with cash and enthusiasm.