dereliction of duty

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But on Miss Halcombe's declaring that she only wanted to put some questions which she was too much agitated to ask at that moment, and that she had no intention of misleading the nurse into any dereliction of duty, the woman took the money, and proposed three o'clock on the next day as the time for the interview.
Sa MC (Memorandum Circular) kapag 'di nagawa within 45 days ang paglilinis, magkakaron tayo ng imbestigasyon base sa binanggit ni Pangulong Duterte sa dialogue with the mayors once we see the gross negligence and dereliction of duty we can recommend the suspension of the mayor.
READ:45 mayors face admin raps over absence of anti-drug councils DILG Secretary Eduardo Antildeo said last week that the 45 mayors named as respondents in the complaints committed grave misconduct in office and gross dereliction of duty for their refusal or neglect to organize their respective Anti-Illegal Drugs Abuse Council.
"The decision to allow Fabian Schar to return to the field after suffering a clear concussion was not only incredibly dangerous, but also a clear dereliction of duty."
"This is a dereliction of duty from the Government."
Detective Constable Kate Buesing was guilty of a "serious dereliction of duty" by passing on the information, a court heard.
Eyre QC "It was a serious dereliction of duty." The judge said the sentence reflected the fact that Buesing would "almost inevitably" lose her PS35,000-a-year job after being convicted.
A spokesman for City Traffic Police said on Saturday that the CTO during his visits at Kotwali Road Sector and Samundri Road, Samanabad Sector, suspended three wardens involved in dereliction of duty.
In my portfolio of Family Support and Child Protection - which includes children in care, Children's Centres, mental health services, domestic violence and more - it would be a dereliction of duty to ignore the needs of vulnerable families and focus solely on political mud-slinging.
Last November, ( Zheng Qingyue , the president of Tianjin Port Group, where the August blast occurred, was fired and will be prosecuted for dereliction of duty. Criminal proceedings are ongoing against Zheng's assistant Li Hongfeng, and the deputy chief of the firm's safety bureau, Zheng Shuguo, for dereliction of duty.
WALES' environmental watchdog has committed a "clear dereliction of duty" over plans for a hydro-electric scheme, say opponents of the project.
Also, the Delhi government on Friday issued show cause notices to 14 doctors in seven government hospitals for dereliction of duty in dealing with the dengue crisis.