dereliction of duty

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According to officials, 14 doctors from seven hospitals were issued show cause notices in this context, and some staff nurses also have been issued notices for dereliction of duty.
Tianjin Port Holdings, the listed entity of the port's main operator, said it understood from the Xinhua website that its chairman, Zheng Qingyue, was being investigated for dereliction of duty and its vice-chairman was temporarily taking over his duties.
Senate SubCommittee on Finance in its meeting suspended the director after taking strict action over the unsatisfactory sanitary conditions and called them a result of dereliction of duty.
Though the bill has received vociferous opposition from the Bharatiya Janata Party which has described it as anti-majority, it is gradually gathering support with several groups and individuals rooting for an all-India campaign to create awareness that if the bill is passed, it would only create a safer society for all Indians and ensure action against the government, bureaucrats, police and security agencies for dereliction of duty.
Those charged include a First Lieutenant, who faces eight counts of dereliction of duty, two Staff Sergeants, three Sergeants and two Specialists.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: Four personnel of the Facility Protection Service (FPS) were detained for their dereliction of duty on a blast in western Mosul city, according to the Ninewa police chief on Sunday.
As it stands today the Cube is a grave dereliction of duty by Birmingham City Council planners (I have even heard rumours that they 'got a little over-excited' when recommending the scheme for approval).
WHAT happened to all the snipers who claimed that Andrew Strauss was carrying out a disgraceful dereliction of duty by missing England's tour of Bangladesh?
Where''s the logic in thinking that every young male pop singer has to have a girlfriend, as if anything less is a dereliction of duty to their fan base?
SRINAGAR: The commission of inquiry instituted by the state government into the rape and murder of two young women in south Kashmir's Shopian town has indicted top district officials "for destroying evidence and dereliction of duty.
Karpinski was demoted to colonel for alleged dereliction of duty - a charge she has vehemently denied.
Though the American people might regard any other decision as a dereliction of duty, Mr.