dereliction of duty

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But on Miss Halcombe's declaring that she only wanted to put some questions which she was too much agitated to ask at that moment, and that she had no intention of misleading the nurse into any dereliction of duty, the woman took the money, and proposed three o'clock on the next day as the time for the interview.
04 ( ANI ): Seven policemen of Uttar Pradesh were suspended on directions of the Director General of Police (DGP) for inhuman behaviour and dereliction of duty, informed the DGP headquarters on Sunday.
If the local drug abuse councils were not activated after 30 days, the village officials would be charged with dereliction of duty and suspended, according to Echiverri.
Hong is facing business malpractice and dereliction of duty charges for mismanaging Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co.
The Chief Minister expressed strong indignation over negligence and dereliction of duty and said that this situation will not be tolerated in Punjab.
According to officials, 14 doctors from seven hospitals were issued show cause notices in this context, and some staff nurses also have been issued notices for dereliction of duty.
Tianjin Port Holdings, the listed entity of the port's main operator, said it understood from the Xinhua website that its chairman, Zheng Qingyue, was being investigated for dereliction of duty and its vice-chairman was temporarily taking over his duties.
It has been said that flogging RBS shares at a massive loss to casino city traders is not just a travesty, it is a dereliction of duty in addition to the taxpayer - funding banks, the rest of the Royal Mail, the investment bank and the Royal Mint, could be sold off.
ISLAMABAD -- Director CDA, Parliament House, Mashooq Ali Shaikh has been suspended over dereliction of duty.
There was "very serious dereliction of duty," given the excessive metal dust inside the workshop, which was ignited by flames and caused the blast, Yang told a meeting of the investigation team.
I wouldn't like to see engineers or doctors walking out halfway through a shift," said writer Sarah Sands, making a point about dereliction of duty in the context of an article on women in the workplace and work versus family commitments.
The Delhi chief minister's dharna in the heart of the national capital came to an end last night after two police officers were sent on leave under a neat compromise with the Centre over his demand for suspension of five officials for alleged dereliction of duty.