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Sacli deride hastalik siddeti ile cinsiyet karsilastirildiginda istatistiksel olarak anlamli bir iliski bulunmadi (p=0,62).
The legislation now stipulates that 'penalties of imprisonment on any person who creates or runs an electronic website or uses any information technology medium to deride or damage the reputation or stature of the state or any of its institutions'.
She derides "the self-flagellation, the guilt, and the titter idiocy of so much of The Mess" (her catchall phrase for the whole state of motherhood in America today).
That is, if a black person derides black culture in song lyrics and stage routines, white efforts to do so are undermined and deflated because "racism has been stolen f rom the mouths of whites.
Hanson and Matt Walcoff deride as "junk science" a Department of Justice study that purports to prove that tough U.
It is, in fact, presumptuous of McBride to here deride the Catechism's strong injunction against war as a "formula for defeat".
It is obvious that this canon is not addressing "ordinary" sinners - the whole people of God - but members of the Church who in a negative, rebellious and public fashion deride serious magisterial teaching by lifestyle and behaviour.
Much of the government spending that conservatives deride plays an important role in a healthy economy.
That includes her decision to be up-front and unapologetic about her sexuality -- a stance that has caused some cultural observers to deride her as a nymphet.
EL SEGUNDO - It was the rivalry that gave Phil Jackson the chance to deride San Antonio as the land of ``conventioneers and tourists,'' and Shaquille O'Neal the chance to declare, ``One lucky shot deserves another,'' after Derek Fisher's miracle turnaround.
I imagine scholars and critics will deride Leavitt's self-absorption and sense of entitlement for taking one last shot at Spender and his champions.
In America's political shorthand, the county's name has become a code phrase to describe a don't-mess-in-my-wallet mindset that admirers style libertarian, but sentinels of government deride as self-centered (as in, "How Orange County of you," said with a sneer).