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New Delhi [India], December 18 ( ANI ): Home Minister Rajnath Singh derided Rahul Gandhi on the Congress party's performance in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat assembly elections.
Besides, he said Yoruba leaders were being mocked at and the race's symbols of truth and sincerity were now being derided, snubbed, treated with contempt, disowned, pointing out that the outrageous remark of the rivers State governor, Wike, was the crowning of all insults upon the Yoruba people.
Has the lady not realised it is not the officer and the workers who are being derided. It is the Cabinet and it's decision making that is being called into question.
Sadly, two of them, the M45 between Coventry and Rugby and the M69 between Coventry and Leicester, long derided as routes from nowhere to nowhere, are uncongested because they are woefully underused.
GLENN Hoddle was derided for an apparent lack of sense of humour while manager at Wolves but it seems it is in there...
With development partner, The Related Cos., Vornado eventually circulated plans that envision a far more sweeping redevelopment of the area, including the relocation of Madison Square Garden, development of millions of square of commercial space on and around MSG's current site, and the renovation of Penn Station, which for years has been derided for its confusing layout and dingy, cramped corridors.
The bill was pushed by House allies of the Religious Right who have long derided federal court decisions upholding church-state separation.
The pacifists among us are often derided as dreamy or irrational, but what could be more irrational than a strategy of short-term military force that leads to a long-term betrayal of the aspirations of the Israeli and Palestinian, and now the Lebanese, people?
By the end of the century, Aalto, having been attacked by the generation of '68 for wilfulness and folksiness, was rehabilitated as 'a critical humanist' by some of the very people who had derided him in the first place.
He's 12 years old and in the sixth grade, the First year of a three-year stretch at a middle school, that universally derided penal institution that serves no clear pedagogical function and has, in my experience, zero defenders among students, parents, and educators alike.
Gateshead's iconic ( if much derided ( multi-storey car park is lighting up the Tyneside sky this week, thanks to pyrotechnic experts Groupe F.
(208)." That seems an unnecessary and abrupt narrowing of his audience, but readers of such conclusions also appreciate practical suggestions, especially when alternatives like opposition to white skin privilege are derided here as merely replicating whiteness (202).