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But one only had to listen to the number of times some teachers in attendance derisively interrupted and dismissed Ms.
When I asked what he thought about Mubarak's sentence he laughed derisively.
been done, as a result of several shows of aggression toward Palm Jumeirah residents, greeted by a fanfare of derisively bad international press.
We'll know it's been an absolute cracker at the final whistle if Lawro derisively snorts: "This football lark isn't quite as rubbish as I thought
The protesters outside the court demanded that the judges block the presidential bid by Shafiq, a man they derisively call a member of the "feloul", or a remnants of Mubarak's regime.
For the most part of it, Kipp's just sat here nodding our head derisively at the rather vain and counter-productive achievements; but after we heard about the largest book, the latest potential record holder, we have begun to see a connection.
Gibson and Singh go on to demonstrate that their audience is the only group that was not part of the debate over health-care reform resulting in the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known derisively as "Obamacare.
Members of it were subsequently implicated in the 1972 burglary at the Watergate complex in Washington DC -- sparking the Watergate scandal which eventually forced the president derisively nicknamed "Tricky Dick" to quit in 1974.
I suppose the writing was on the academic wall (not one built by our "brickie" student) when the college offered its first degree-level course, which most of the staff derisively called "the rat catchers' degree" (BSc in environmental health).
That fact is emphasised when, in the opening scene, set 20 years on as the news of Winston Churchill's death is broadcast, one (bank clerk Vera, played by Sioned Jones) snorts derisively and defiantly: "He jilted us.
We see a fellow bowhunter dragging a forkhorn out the woods and derisively think, Why would he shoot something like that?
For their part, the "randomistas" (as Duflo and her associates are somelimes derisively called) are not discouraged by critics, Tkacik reports.