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Time has not diminished the powerful impact of Negm's words; his poetry has lost none of its originality, wit, derisiveness and emotional impact.
There is no boys-will-be-boys philosophy here, no tolerance of locker-room language, no assumption that girlie jokes are innocent humor, are acceptable commentary The 10th and 11th degrees of humility order us to take life, all its facets, all its peoples, seriously The 10th and 11th degrees of humility bring patriarchy with all its derisiveness, all its ridicule, to its knees.
"Is that type of cheap broad with no brassiere ever with anybody?" retorts Vic, with characteristic derisiveness. "She's the type of cheap broad who knows exactly what to do in the backseat of a car." Vic then drives them to his shop, where the woman will try on/model brassieres.
She is, quite simply, a hero who mocks, a hero whose sole weapon is well placed derisiveness.
The film's early sequences seem made under the sign of Bresson: no nondiegetic music; elliptical imparting of information; a materialist sound track and cutting style that places images side by side like objects; and Nolot's own stoppered walk, frugal and indrawn, like that of a Bresson "model." Nolot recalled "a fear of feeling" during the film's making, and the occasional derisiveness and overall stylistic concision seem ramparts against unwanted sentimentality.
A derisiveness is manifested by many North Americans, African American and Non-African American included, when Ebonics is discussed, which is lacking in the discussion of the speech of lower-class Irish Americans.