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recognised Aske"I have heard some really derisory figures mentioned, and it wouldn't be any of those, I can tell you that David Moyes
Comment: FESCO's owner says the stake is not for sale, the price is derisory
Every one of those involved in the riots, of whatever age, is a product of an education system incapable of counteracting indiscipline in the classroom by the administration of any punishment that is not seen by the pupils as derisory.
Newcastle's offer for someone we value so highly was derisory and I'm disappointed it made it into the public domain.
It is derisory for a player of Jonathan's talent and experience and we are under no financial pressure to sell anyone.
Why is it when something derisory is said regarding Mohammed there are threats from fanatical Muslims of beheadings?
It is a fact that the business model of increased costs and overheads, combined with derisory and ever-decreasing prizemoney, makes no financial sense.
Were it not for the efforts of local people who valiantly defend their neighbourhoods from desecration, the windmill count would be much higher, although the energy output would still be derisory.
Haye's promoter Adam Booth knew I wouldn't accept that kind of derisory offer, so Haye can say, 'I offered Enzo a fight and he chickened out'.
In a robust defence, Ireland's former flag carrier said a pounds 1 billion bid from Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary was derisory and significantly undervalued the company.
He told BBC Radio Scotland: 'We had an offer from Leicester City via his agent which was a derisory figure.