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He added: "We get peanuts from the government already and this offer is insulting and derisory - it is a nightmarish situation in Liver pool and I think people are really angry."
"Many went out in a red weather warning to ensure they got to work and delivered essential food stuffs to communities and here we have their bosses insulting them with a derisory offer that barely buys them a pie and chips."
to be A classic example where the impact on the officer assaulted appears to have played second fiddle to a derisory non-custodial sentence for the attacker.
recognised Aske"I have heard some really derisory figures mentioned, and it wouldn't be any of those, I can tell you that David Moyes
The union says it is the third year that the workers in Remploy have been offered a "derisory" increase of between pounds 1.80 and pounds 4.80 per week.
Campaigners have claimed that the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War has paid only "derisory" attention to Iraqi casualties in the conflict.
The angry Hillsborough boss dismissed as "derisory" Nottingham Forest's pounds 300,000 bid for winger Jermaine Johnson.
PORTSMOUTH administrator Andrew Andronikou has described Rangers' reported pounds 300,000 bid for Tommy T Smith as "derisory."
Sergei Generalov, controlling FESCO, however, denied any interest in selling the NCC stake and described the price mentioned as derisory, the paper reported.
Foster's brewer Scottish & Newcastle, owner of Hereford-based Bulmers cider, yesterday rejected a "derisory" pounds 6.8 billion takeover approach from European rivals Carlsberg and Heineken.
MOTHERWELL manager Terry Butcher has laughed off Leicester's bid for midfielder Stephen Pearson as 'derisory'.
Where are Pugin and Ruskin when you need them, to describe the hideous back elevations of this revolting building, the pretentious rubbish of a grand staircase going nowhere, the creeping tawdry gift shop, the cheap suspended ceilings, the vile laser-cut ironwork, the derisory incomprehensible 'jokes' of the fading pilasters, and the silly plans with their mutilated 'classical' doorcases, which were no doubt amusing for anyone in America who had never seen at first hand a third-rate building by Sir Herbert Baker.