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In other words, when one's responsibility is derivable in this way from the group's responsibility, one's responsibility would not vanish even if the group's responsibility did.
Navarro, "Smoothing the Canonical Piecewise Linear Model: An Efficient and Derivable Large-signal Model for MESFET/HEMT Transistors," Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Fundamental Theory and Applications.
These two effects are readily derivable by the total differentiation of Equation 12 with respect to q, t, and h,
x]x[exist]y(x [is not equal to] y) contains no occurrences of "N" and so it should be derivable from the introduction and elimination rules for negation, identity, and the relevant quantifiers alone.
The set of all object interpretations for an object is called the model of the object and an object is said to be in normal form if the user's interpretation is "expressed" by (or, technically, derivable from) the model of the object.
Unfortunately, the block QR algorithm in LAPACK is not automatically derivable by a compiler.
Benevolence, he claims, is "a commitment to achieving the values derivable from life with other people in society, by treating them as potential trading partners, recognizing their humanity, independence, and individuality, and the harmony between their interests and ours.
A review of the numerous terms for divinatory practices outlawed by the Deuteronom(ist)ic literature suggests that they are almost all derivable from Hebrew itself or Mesopotamia rather than from Israel's neighbours in Syria/Palestine.
He rightly criticizes Niebuhr for discerning no great divide between the church and the world, "the basic norms of social ethics [being] derivable from human nature and accessible to all.
An initial analysis of the term `house' produces the Old English hus derived from the verbal roots hud, derivable from huden i.
Hence artistic value concerns the distinct mode of presentation in tragedy rather than any derivable `moral lesson' or an audience's moral improvement.
which is identical to that derivable from equation (3) of Turelli et al.