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Legalism" is the view that "judicial decisions are determined by 'the law,' conceived as a body of preexisting rules found stated in canonical legal materials, such as constitutional and statutory texts and previous decisions of the same or a higher court, or derivable from those materials by logical operations.
It is by the exploration of this that I could extract the warm camera lens statements derivable from the otherwise indexical documentary spectacle produced by means of the cold camera lens.
8220;Buying a single layer door may seem like a good choice at first but when you consider all the benefits derivable from garage doors with proper insulation, it is worth the extra investment,” Iqbal added.
It is very important for libraries to continuously evaluate their services because of benefits derivable from such exercise.
Part of this movement away from Irish fairy writing, according to Lennon, was an increased imaginative fusion of Irish and Eastern interests: "Although not very aware of the workings of global colonialism or of modern India and its anticolonial struggles, Yeats sought to combat the 'growing tide' of modernity in Ireland with a 'new science based in Orientalism and Celticism" and eventually, with the failure of any coherent idea of Irish ethnicity derivable from Celtic fairy tales and myths, he "earnestly turned to basing a new sense of Irishness and Celticity on the Orient" (Lennon 287).
Milne wants to trace the antinomy of GgA (the inconsistency derivable from Basic Law V) to Frege's insufficient theory of bearerless names.
Since the functional is continuous and derivable for [epsilon], its ordinary derivative (i.
Truth is derivable from the objectivity of objects--whatever is observe-able by the senses.
4) The system should avoid hard entry of derivable attributes.
The trope is derivable from Civan, a man from Utange clan in southern Tiv country in Nigeria's Middle Belt Region who was a mercenary extraordinaire, and around whom there exists a historically verifiable narrative concerning his martial prowess and lust for blood.
Raised cosine filters have a continuous and derivable (one time) complex gain.
She pointed out that sufficient, has only a contextually derivable meaning and that the instructions themselves did not give an individual juror any help on how to decide what would count as a sufficient mitigating factor in the particular situation of sentencing someone to death.