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The construction of the SJU is based on the following data: type of derivate consumed, weekly expenditure on cannabis, weekly amount of grams consumed, weekly number of joints consumed and frequency of acquisition.
However, some additional peaks, which can be found in pMDI spectrum are visible (peaks connected with aromatic rings but with much lower intensity), hence indicating some contamination of glycerolysate with an isocyanate derivate.
There are also numerous cases in which the base word was encountered in all three newspapers from Latin America and even in El Pais, in contrast with the derivate that we encountered in only one newspaper.
b) Example of the first-order derivate of the vertical histogram of mean pixel values.
max], and the maximum value of the minimum derivate, [y'.
The first reports on the preparation of methyl cellulose and its derivate originate from Lilienfeld[3] and Dreyfus [2].
Key Expansions--the round keys are derivate from the cipher key with the rijndael's key schedule.
Each still wine is named Curtesfrancae, which comes from the Latin derivate of Franciacorta.
Ipratropium bromide is a synthetic derivate of atropine that was designed to act locally in the lung with minimal systemic absorption.
In the second part of the book there is presented the second derivate of Homo sapiens--Homo praedator--which has an entirely negative character, predating his fellows, while destroying the state and bringing disequilibrium in the society where he operates.
The company insists Dawn is not a derivate of the Wraith model as 80 percent of its exterior body panels are new.