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The colonial aggression promoted by the Jewish Agency under the leadership of MAPAI (a derivate party of Poalei Tzion) during the first 14 years of the British Mandate prompted periodical Palestinian uprisings that in 1936 provoked the six-month-longArab general strike.
In other words, if we want to constitute a covariance matrix and derivate it, we will be faced with a series of infinite terms.
TGA and derivate thermogravimetric (DTG) curves of HDPE/EVA, HDPE/EVA/EG1, and HDPE/EVA/EG2 under a flow of nitrogen at a heating rate of 20[degrees]C/min are shoen in Fig.
In this way, we identified one derivate of cinnamic acid (2), four C-glycosylated flavonoids (3, 4, 6 and 7) and one C- diglycosylated flavonoid (9).
Originating as a symposium at Artists Space that coincided with the Whitney Biennial in 2012, this exhibition took various markers of financialization--among other events, the elimination, in 1971, of gold as the standard that guaranteed the value of the US dollar and the development, shortly after, of the Black-Scholes-Merton model for trading derivate investments--as signaling an epistemic shift, a historical condition characterized by the instability of the exhibition's three operative terms: "materials" and "money" and "crisis.
Person auf, die eigentlich deverbale Nomina sind, und nicht unbedingt direkte Derivate des betreffenden Seinsverbes sind.
Im Weiteren konzentrieren wir uns auf die Analyse der deutschen Komposita von Typ stocksteif, pieksauber, stinkreich und der Derivate mit heimischen Prafixen erz-, ur--sowie mit Fremdprafixen hyper-, super-, ultra-.
The activation function is defined in the F method and its derivate in dF.
Built by Northrop Grumman, the AAQ-24(V) Laircm (Large Aircraft IR Countermeasures) is a derivate of the company's earlier-vintage AAQ-24 Nemesis and has amassed until 2011 over one million flying hours with US and allied forces, the majority under deployment and combat conditions, with an operational availability of over 99%.
The derivate authority would be available only to credit unions that have more than $250 million in assets, have an overall CAMEL rating of 3 or better with a management rating of 2 or better and can demonstrate to the NCUA how derivatives are part of the credit union's overall interest rate risk strategy.
Scientists and researchers have a direct role, ranging from the seeding, cultivation, post-harvest management and seaweed processing, to the formulation industry and the derivate end product," said Sharif.
Bronislaw Malinowski, in his study of primitive languages, finds that 'to regard (language) as a means for the embodiment or expression of thought is 'to take a one-sided view of one of its most derivate and specialized functions.