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Zajceva, this kind of derivation is productive only in Southern and Eastern Veps ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1978 : 77).
However, along with words in which this ending is exclusively inflectional, such as those in (1a), there are others in which, along with the inflectional function, -a establishes a morphological relation with another word, the base of derivation.
Every derivation starts either by a production introduced in (1a) to generate sentences a [member of] L(G), where a [member of] T, or by a production introduced in (1b) to generate sentences x [member of] L(G), where |x| [greater than or equal to] 2.
To create and assess the risk score, the researchers divided the derivation and validation cohorts into four different risk strata.
In the derivation cohort, the 10-year mortality was about 20% for patients in the low group, about 30% for those in the low intermediate group, about 40% for patients in the high intermediate group, and about 70% for the highest-risk patients.
Whereas the South-South expected a debate on the report, Justice Niki Tobi, the chairman of the conference, called for a motion for the adoption of the report, which had recommended 17% derivation.
The purpose of the derivations in this paper is to make the overall field continuously differentiable with respect to z.
JOHNNY CARSON, after a glimpse of a professional women's-lifting championship on TV: "The only signs of their biblical derivation are their fatted calves.
He used a straightforward statistical derivation separating the hits into true hits and chance hits.
1997] introduce derivation sets in the context of concurrency control for materialized views.
Eenog' (late 20th century), is probably a derivation from 'entry' (though it's unclear how).
Speaker of the House, Honourable Yakubu Dogara gave the directive after the motion sponsored by Honourable Ken Chikere, entitled 'Need to deduct 13 percent derivation from the $1 billion approved by the National Economic Council to fight Boko Haram Insurgency' was stepped down.