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In the first place attempts have been made to show that "Hesiod" is a significant name and therefore fictitious: it is only necessary to mention Goettling's derivation from IEMI to ODOS (which would make `Hesiod' mean the
He had followed carefully the argument which established the derivation from Mr.
Lee extended the definition of a generalized derivation as follows: an additive mapping F: J [right arrow] U such that F (xy) = F (x)y + xd(y), for all x, y [member of] J, where U is the right Utumi quotient ring of R, J is a dense right ideal of R and d is a derivation from J to U.
George Daley, who directed the study, wrote, "Our analysis shows that the recombination pattern of SCNT-hES-1 is distinct from that of an ntES line and is consistent with its derivation from a parthenogenetic embryo.
Lee extended the definition of a generalized derivation as follows: by a generalized derivation we mean an additive mapping g : I [right arrow] U such that g(xy) = g(x)y + xd(y), for all x, y [member of] I, where I is a dense right ideal of R and d is a derivation from I into U.
Amdahl's Law, though never before proven through a mathematical derivation from first principles, helped establish the supercomputing industry and has for more than 30 years been a force in the industry.
TIP 0304-09 The edge crush test (ECT): its relationship to box compression and its derivation from containerboard edge stiffness
Thus, is there a derivation from quantum field theory, or is it time to put to rest a myth?
This is in fact the approach taken in a later work in Isarenko (1969) to account for derivation from indeclinables, such as kino > kinosn'ik 'cinema buff', where the deriving noun is listed with two alternant stems k'ino- and kinos- (1969: 64-65).
Nevertheless, it is the grotesque (here uncommonly rendered "die Grotteske" (rather than "das Groteske," apparently to emphasize the term's derivation from the excavated grottoes whence the inspiration for this style of decoration came) that provides the study's central conceptual connection.
The addition of automatic role derivation from Active Directory simplifies IT's ability to set granular access control policies based on user status such as employee versus guest or user group within an organization.
Novogen's Research Director, Professor Alan Husband, said "Not only have laboratory studies demonstrated that the synthetic derivative NV-04 was effective, but its derivation from naturally occurring compounds meant it was expected to be sufficiently safe to be administered over long periods without side effects.