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In the first place attempts have been made to show that "Hesiod" is a significant name and therefore fictitious: it is only necessary to mention Goettling's derivation from IEMI to ODOS (which would make `Hesiod' mean the
He had followed carefully the argument which established the derivation from Mr.
In other words, while strong verbs are always primitive, weak verbs are the result of derivation from strong verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs, such as Up "up" > uppian "to rise up." In Robert Mailhammer's words, "strong verbs are primary because they somehow go back to Indo-European verbal roots (e.g.
'Eenog' (late 20th century), is probably a derivation from 'entry' (though it's unclear how).
Speaker of the House, Honourable Yakubu Dogara gave the directive after the motion sponsored by Honourable Ken Chikere, entitled 'Need to deduct 13 percent derivation from the $1 billion approved by the National Economic Council to fight Boko Haram Insurgency' was stepped down.
At some point after the application of Merge and later Agree, the operation Transfer is argued to send the derivation from narrow syntax to the phonological component ([PHI]) and to the semantic component ([SIGMA]), and this way a pair <PHON, SEM> is generated.
Lee extended the definition of a generalized derivation as follows: an additive mapping F: J [right arrow] U such that F (xy) = F (x)y + xd(y), for all x, y [member of] J, where U is the right Utumi quotient ring of R, J is a dense right ideal of R and d is a derivation from J to U.
Apart from the rather probable derivation from chole (the word for bile and a dominant term in the humoral theory, which is of Hippocratic and not Galenic [1] provenance), one more hypothesis has been suggested.
Its function is to distinguish stems that have undergone derivation from those which have not.
Gourdeau provided the following characterization of amenability: A Banach algebra A is amenable if and only if any bounded derivation from A into any Banach A-bimodule is approximately inner, or equivalently weakly approximately inner [11, Proposition 2.1].
In Middle English the word was spelled sirly, which made more obvious its derivation from sir, the traditional title of respect.
George Daley, who directed the study, wrote, "Our analysis shows that the recombination pattern of SCNT-hES-1 is distinct from that of an ntES line and is consistent with its derivation from a parthenogenetic embryo.