derivative authority

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Derivatives under a new derivative authority, more capital and more effective liquidity management were strategies he said could help manage that risk.
Hence, the very nature of Scripture as giving access to the mind of God not only commands higher authority than any merely human source but also creates the possibility of a derivative authority accorded to theological claims insofar as they exhibit sound hermeneutical understandings of biblical texts.
Jefferson's formulation of a political philosophy justifying revolution attests the continuing influence of Locke, and the theories of natural law and right, social compact, sovereignty of the people, and derivative authority of government.
NAFCU Regulatory Counsel Tessema Tefferi said he's also concerned the fees could create a barrier to entry for credit unions interested in seeking derivative authority and could also set a dangerous precedent for future rules.
With certain restrictions, ALM First believes derivative authority should be granted to individual credit unions that have the infrastructure to support such activity and to third-party providers with numerous restrictions.