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In particular, they seek to alter the power structure in order to grant investors more of a say in corporate decision making, at least with respect to the derivatively asserted claims (67).
Derivatively sued firms were larger than implicated but unsued firms.
The Court has instead granted constitutional rights to corporations to derivatively protect the rights of the natural persons that are assumed to be represented by the corporation, or that are interacting with the corporation.
It is this limited focus on change-knowledge or constancy-knowledge that has been used in misdirected attempts aiming to resolve some of the very central and certainly problematic issues in the theory of knowledge (and, derivatively, science).
A benefit enforcement proceeding shall be commenced or maintained only: (1) directly by the benefit corporation; or (2) derivatively by: (i) a shareholder; (ii) a director; (iii) a person or group of persons that owns beneficially or of record 5 per cent or more of the equity interests in an association of which the benefit corporation is a subsidiary; or (iv) other persons as specified in the articles of organization, bylaws or shareholder agreement of the benefit corporation.
With the right solutions, they can significantly improve customer satisfaction rates, and derivatively, those of right-selling, and bring down time to ROI significantly.
The government filing also contends that the Starr/Greenberg suit must be dismissed because it consists of claims brought derivatively on behalf of AIG.
Neostructural economic and political transformation may contribute derivatively to scholarly productivity in much of the Americas vis-a-vis investment that improves the digital communications infrastructure and strengthens trust and equality within nascent and established collaborative professional networks.
Thereafter, Cindi and her husband, derivatively, commenced suit for personal injury asserting that as a result of the negligence of those who participated in her surgery Cindi sustained nerve injuries to her right tipper extremity during surgery.
Let's assume that in the context of clause-embedding and in accord either with general locality considerations (Rizzi 2004) or some constraint adhering to impenetrability (Chomsky 2001) of the CP domain to anything that lies above the embedded C-head, it is not the verb itself that attracts the wh-expression but C derivatively, due to it being marked as interrogative:
Thereafter, Cindi and her husband (Plaintiffs), derivatively, commenced suit for personal injury asserting that Cindi sustained nerve injuries to her right upper extremity during surgery that was caused by the defendants' negligence.
The court determined that PNNL's testing activities relating to other taxpayers were derivatively part of the "treatment" of ODC tax liability, which Wcis the "item" identified by Panasonic.

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