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First that (11) is true--and since (11) is a sentence and sentences, on my account, are only derivatively true, it would be more appropriate to say that what is affirmed is that sentence (11) expresses a truth.
Both disciplines have presented a normative and 'perfectionist' view of sex that defines normophilic sex as reciprocal, affectionate and interpersonal, and have derivatively defined sexual perversions, paraphilias, and dysfunctions as failures to attain this end.
In essence, it's a paperwork violation, and only derivatively connected to the illegal logging practices that the enforcement effort is determined to curb.
By reorienting our perspective of creation, God becomes the perfectly natural one, and all creation is derivatively supernatural.
2c) and again: Truth is in God's intellect properly and firstly; in human intellect it is present properly and derivatively.
The conclusion is that except in the case of proposals made after January 1, 2011, to or from defendants alleged to be only vicariously, constructively, derivatively, or technically liable, litigants would be wise to avoid using the joint proposal for settlement because it is fraught with pitfalls and has been rendered obsolete by the case law.
If the final answer is yes, then the credit union industry will get hit with a stealth tax in the form of loss of investment powers that it once derivatively held through corporate credit unions.
442 To provide a proposal-for- (PROPOSALS FOR settlement procedure when one SETTLEMENT) party is liable only vicariously, constructively, derivatively, or technically.
Husserl's original insight into hyle, as the constitutive stuff of subjectivity, gives way to a conception of hyle as matter that exists derivatively, only for the sake of morphe.
DEPRESSINGLY uninspirational and derivatively repetitive - the first comments from the Army''s new commander.
The persons--"I am absolutely programmed against Personism per se," Rodefer assonantly announces from the podium of page thirty-one--are all a phantom menagerie, just puppets whose strings are mere syntax, so that "the girl" whom, general reader, "you're sleeping with" and "a CIA agent" are both just book ends whose whole shelf is the derivatively Bur- roughsian delight Rodefer takes in saying "lick the diseased asshole," and we are the audience on unending standby to gratify him with our squirming.

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