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DERIVATIVE. Coming from another; taken from something preceding, secondary; as derivative title, which is that acquired from another person. There is considerable difference between an original and a derivative title. When the acquisition is original, the right thus acquired to the thing becomes property, which must be unqualified and unlimited, and since no one but the occupant has any right to the thing, he must have the whole right of disposing of it. But with regard to derivative acquisition, it may be otherwise, for the person from whom the thing is acquired may not have an unlimited right to it, or he may convey or transfer it with certain reservations of right. Derivative title must always be by contract.
     2. Derivative conveyances are, those which presuppose some other precedent conveyance, and serve only to enlarge, confirm, alter, restrain, restore, or transfer the interest granted by such original conveyance, 3 Bl. Com. 321.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is this: causality consists in the derivativeness of an effect from causes.
We also might hope that in practice Tolkien only so harshly judged the fanfiction with which he came into contact based on their (presumable lack of) aesthetic merit and/or disregard of his established canon, and not on their derivativeness. As the father of modern fantasy, Tolkien could hardly resent subsequent fantasy authors, or for that matter fanfiction authors, for using nearly the same bones as he to make their soups.
In this metaphorical horizon, the East Indian inhabits a space that elides the actuality of mixture and reinforces the logic of derivativeness, lineage, continuity, retention, persistence, and purity.
But there is an alternative (here marked as Deleuzian) postmodernist view of quotation and repetition as a drawing-out of the originality, rather than the derivativeness, of 'sonorous matter', its potentiality for variation and difference, and hence its capacity for constituting new relations through its transforming affects.
DELTA SPIRIT - ODE TO SUNSHINE IF it's not too much of a contradiction to say so, San Diegan quintet Delta Spirit are original in their derivativeness. The band seems connected to the new psych movement, but are firmly rooted in roots rock and country.
(29) In his review of Shenstone's Works, Langhorne offers an insightful comparison between Hammond and Shenstone that highlights Hammond's derivativeness and dependence on models while Shenstone's elegies are singled out for their originality:
Sainsbury challenges the derivativeness of reference in his last chapter (he thinks non-linguistic animals may have a capacity for non-linguistic reference), although he thinks that "the success of this challenge is not essential to the official theses of RWR" (p.
It's a hell of an accomplishment, its derivativeness forgivable in a young writer's first time out of the published-author box.
The Complaint has its share of 'the ingrained tonal wit which comes from derivativeness in the genre'.
To go down this path (and some reviewers have) leaves us with little else to say about the book other than that it highlights in a readable, fast-paced way the centrally important issue of capitalist exploitation, but is marked by bland derivativeness, simplism and a cavalier approach to conventions of evidence.
On the contrary, imitation does not copy that which is prior, but produces and inverts the very terms of priority and derivativeness. (p.