derived from experience

See: empirical
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It is enthralling and frightening to live in this book of poems: wisdom is so often derived from experience, and Manuel Paul Lopez ladles out wisdom as if from a bottomless well.
Locke was forced to revise his view that natural histories alone were best suited to advance human knowledge of nature as "he became aware that mathematical reasoning from principles derived from experience could generate knowledge of nature.
Truths of pure mathematics carry with them necessity, which cannot be derived from experience.
School principals were invited to perform a reflective analysis of their teacher's supervision practices, with the goal of consolidating the knowledge derived from experience, developing appropriate methods, and adapting their interventions.
Through application of Dart's global knowledge and skills base, derived from experience in multiple international locations, Dart expects that over time there will be further optimisations to the present field development plans.
Thus it appears that independence undercuts the legitimacy of applying physical concepts derived from experience.
At the same time, CRI will share its expertise derived from experience as a major global player in the field of bovine genetics.
Armed with information and the confidence derived from experience and preparation, we headed to Capitol Hill
Best practices derived from experience are one of the most important assets any arts organization can have," stated TCG executive director Ben Cameron.
That the phrase did not originate in the law can be ascertained by reference to the Oxford English Dictionary, which notes that the term has been used metaphorically for at least 300 years to refer to any method of measurement or technique of estimation derived from experience rather than science.
A hybrid derived from experience with Agfa's CristalRaster frequency-modulated stochastic screening and Agfa's Balanced Screening, Sublima yields continuous-tone quality "that mimics commercial printing" for high- speed newspaper printing, according to the company.