derived principle

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And hasten not (O Muhammad) with the Quran ere its revelation hath been perfected unto thee Derived Principle
Best Practices section lists some strategically derived principles which can effectively reap maximum Return on Investment (ROI) within a span of an optimal time period.
This is a profoundly theological book rooted in a biblical outlook, but it shows great awareness that churches and mission bodies are often guilty of passing off particular, culturally derived principles as biblical and universally mandatory.
The article instead proposes that the appropriate course of action ought to be underwritten by nonconsequentially derived principles of conservation, not by appeals to harm reduction or to benefit and cost efficiency.
The result of this two-step process of applying deontologically derived principles in a pragmatic fashion was an effective strategy, unique to Niebuhr's theory of ethics, for fulfilling the prescriptions of the law of love to the greatest degree possible, given the world as it is.
The qualitative difference between a strategy that attempts to apply deontologically derived principles in a pragmatic fashion and a strategy in which actions are determined solely with r egard to ends should be clear.
One way of applying the derived principles of change to the situation of a specific library is to think of each principle (or practice) as being balanced between internal conditions and external requirements.