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The main deriver of the change in aggregate energy intensity is electricity with its average intensity index of 1.
Variables that we retained for our model included (in order of importance) Elevation, Zulu2, Vegtyno, Deriver, Vegetation Continuous Field-00, Vector-ruggedness-measure-5, Zulu1, Deroglo, Zulu3, World-reference-base for-soil-resources-NO, Slope, Normalized-difference-vegetation-index-01, and Hill.
However, on neither side of the debate has much attention been paid to basic principles that might inform working-time regulation in ways that would enable individual workers to manage their work and care responsibilities better and deriver a more sustainable and gender-equitable economy.
The JP3503139 patent is a deriver from the white LED patent, suggesting the invalidation decision on 139 patent should be overruled.
Or, afin de constituer des criteres de legitimite morale, ces derniers doivent necessairement incarner--ou deriver d'--une theorie normative de la morale politique, theorie qui, pour eux, constitue la meilleure possible, soit la plus juste, la plus raisonnable ou la plus acceptable; mais quelle qu'elle soit, elle doit, de l'avis des juges qui l'acceptent, veritablement conferer la legitimite aux actes gouvernementaux.
Our new Quantum HD will deriver peace of mind while enhancing the user's experience," said John Cosner, product manager of the Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA-headquartered diversified technology company.
Having been ordered to command a unit of the Special Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to deriver covertly and for immediate use six Medium Range Ballistic Missiles with mated thermonuclear warheads, and to provide the final guidance and targeting expertise required to launch the missiles as directed, Li was about to complete his mission.
Ideally, investigators would not deriver the intervention, to reduce the potential for social desirability bias.
Both groups see a lot of carriers claiming to provide some of these attributes, but few go beyond "lip service" to actually deriver on these attributes.
The president routinely depicted by detractors as the demon seed of the '60s counterculture is in fact an establishment figure who blocks efforts to end federal discrimination against gay people, supports immunity for federal agents who illegally engaged in warrantless wiretapping, declines to withdraw on any front from either the war on drugs or the war on jihad, made insurance giganticorps the centerpiece of his health care law, failed to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and helped deriver hundreds of billions of dollars into the hands of insolvent bankers and industrialists.
As one of the nation's largest and most experienced companies focused solely on workers' compensation, we deriver proven solutions for cost containment across the claims lifecycle.