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The initial biopsy showed skin with ulceration and an inflammatory infiltrate within the superficial dermis.
When both the epidermis and dermis are injured, tough fibrous scar tissue forms in the place of skin.
Now the epidermis has started to regenerate Emerson's dermis.
Myofibromas are mesenchymal tumors that are commonly found in the dermis or subcutaneous tissue and rarely found in muscle or bone.
The Realistic Skin Model (RSM(TM)) is capable of modeling the major layers of human skin -- stratum corneum, epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis -- independently.
It improves water circulation from the dermis to the epidermis by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporins-3 and increases the epidermal water binding capacity.
The company uses three-dimensional living stromal tissue to grow Dermagraft(TM), its living dermal replacement tissue for damaged or disease dermis, and Dermagraft-TC, a temporary skin cover for burn victims.
When you damage the dermis, your body rushes to make more collagen fibers.
We measured enzymic and non-enzymic antioxidants in human epidermis and dermis from six healthy volunteers undergoing surgical procedures.
ENDURAGen porcine dermis is a helpful alloplastic material to aid in autologous cartilage augmentation of the nasal bridge.
It contains a proprietary Peptide, a non-irritating form of Vitamin C and a nanotechnology delivery system to ensure the active ingredients penetrate the skin's surface and travel deep into the lower level of skin called the dermis.
According to new scientific data, these changes are due, in particular, to the deterioration of the papillary dermis, a critical zone of the upper dermis that is closely linked to the dermo-epidermal junction.