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(49) The purpose of these requirements is two-fold: (1) to provide the HRC with notice needed to assess whether the state is in--and remains in--compliance with the ICCPR and other international obligations; and (2) to provide Member States with awareness of derogation so they may monitor the derogating state's compliance with the ICCPR.
For instance, suppose Mary utters "Jenny thinks black people have horrible taste for fashion." Jenny's thought is in some sense derogatory, in that it consists of a racially based generalization, completely ungrounded and most probably false (see Haslanger 2011); but there is no way Mary can appear as derogating black people by merely reporting Jenny's belief.
include derogating obligations" (which are defined by section
The decision enables Italy to apply a special measure derogating from the EU's common VAT system so as to restrict the right of a taxable person to deduct VAT on expenditure related to such vehicles.
rate will have the effect of partially derogating from the insurer%s cancellation rights, except in the case of
- Council Decision authorising theaUnited Kingdom to apply a measure derogating from Article 11 of Directive 77/388/EEC on the harmonisation of the laws of the member states relating toaturnover taxes.
Contract notice: environmental assessments and studies derogating from article l 111-6 of the urban planning code
Currently, the proposal says that member states may "take measures" derogating from the principle "relating to...the exercise of the health profession".
Contract awarded for Provision of multi-asset insurance services for various supply and sanitation infrastructures of arm sa-2017, Namely: A) fixed and / or movable property, Owned by the policyholder / insured, Including concessionaires, Leased or rented or third parties held in escrow, In respect of which the policyholder / insured has assumed the risk or obligation to insure; B) goods and goods during their inland transport, In accordance with ec 117 - goods transported; C) goods in exhibition; D) outdoor goods - derogating from what is otherwise established in the applicable general and special conditions, This policy guarantees the goods that are in the free air, In terms of ce s / no.
The Commission proceeded on November 11 to adopt an ad hoc legal basis providing a means of derogating from this general provision along the lines of last May's decision for a series of programmes whose beneficiaries are no longer subjected to a call for proposals (see European Report 2778).
may additionally submit additional proposals with variants or derogating from C.C.T.P.
The Treaty also lays down an approval procedure for derogating national provisions, although a Member State wishing to adopt national rules after harmonisation must provide new scientific evidence and demonstrate a specific problem that arose after harmonisation.