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The partial repeal of a law, usually by a subsequent act that in some way diminishes its Original Intent or scope.

Derogation is distinguishable from abrogation, which is the total Annulment of a law.

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in the law of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, exemptions to various aspects of the four freedoms, particularly the free movement of persons and the free movement of goods.
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DEROGATION, civil law. The partial abrogation of a law; to derogate from a law is to enact something which is contrary to it; to abrogate a law is' to abolish it entirely. Dig. lib. 50, t. 17, 1. 102. See Abrogation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The derogation covers agreement holders who may have an agreement that would otherwise include restrictions on carrying out supplementary feeding on stewardship land.
The purpose of requiring such an announcement is "to prevent arbitrary or de facto derogations, to force derogating governments to act openly from the outset of the emergency, and to delegitimate (sic) after-the-fact justifications for violations of fundamental rights." Id.
"Those who are struggling to complete the work they have been contracted to carry out in their Glastir agreements should make sure that they request a derogation as soon as possible, and before the end of December."
"Yes, in theory the commission's operation could be impacted, depending on the argument Turkey chooses to put forth -- whether the derogation
The new regulation abolishes this derogation and requires the landing of sharks with their fins attached.
Dernierement, le reseau de protection des deniers publics a souleve cette affaire des derogations et des delits d'initie, appelant le chef du gouvernement a diligenter une enquete de ce sens.
Yesterday, Mr Davies said: "Following advice from my veterinary advisers and having forward weather reports from the Met Office, it is clear that the current derogation for on-farm burial is still necessary for the time being, although its geographical coverage must remain closely targeted on the areas worst affected.
Weather-related requests for derogations will differ from site to site and will be discussed with agreement holders on an individual basis.
Under comitology rules, the Commission is obliged to consult potential derogations with an expert group on sustainability and quality of agriculture and rural development.
- fixed-term derogations will apply from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2023 for a maximum of 17,500 hours of activity
The Welsh Assembly is making the case for a derogation in Brussels after representations from equine organisations.
During the meeting, which is underway, Anastasiades is expected to raise the recent comments made by Akinci on majorities, and on permanent EU derogations for the Turkish Cypriot side.