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In contrast, Polish/ Canadian Tomasz Radzinski, left under a cloud after making unnecessary derogative comments about David Moyes.
By using the derogative term "hillbilly" to make intraracial distinctions, Hartigan suggests "white Detroiters policed the social status of whiteness, maintaining a sense of normative behavior that 'hillbillies' transgressed" (p.
These days, the tag of Thalu/Mukhiya is politically constructed to mean a member of the exploitative class and is now a derogative status.
There are about twenty references to Jews in the novel; only one is authorial, and that lone example is modestly derogative: the Jews, Trollope observes, are a race who could bear unjust treatment without resentment, but could be unscrupulous in carrying out a purpose (I, 204).
Even then, the orator Prime Minister did not have the courage to publicly condemn the derogative and highly provocative statements of the Hindutva protagonists.
President has sharpened his derogative remarks against those opposed to the agreement during his address to security officers on Tuesday that those who are unhappy with the agreement 'are people who were with the Jalaba/Diaspora, and never had time to fight with him in the bush'.
He was dumped for the third Test, and the latest allegation is that in one of the texts, Pietersen had called England captain Andrew Strauss an extremely derogative word in Afrikaans.
Turner should keep her derogative remarks to herself
Even language used throughout time to expressright and left is derogative to the latter.
What it means to be a good friend should not be pushed down our throats with derogative terms.
Hayes is constantly referred to, even by friends in his squad, as "chief," a designation that, even if not necessarily derogative, foregrounds the irreducible difference of Hayes from his fellow soldiers.
Don't we respect headmasters...what is is it derogative?"