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The findings do not entirely concur with Wooden's (1998) assertion that casual jobs for those attending university are not 'bad' jobs, because the research results (reported in this paper) demonstrate that employers regularly treat casuals derogatively and unfairly.
The flying machine at the opening is referred to derogatively as a "contraption" and the adjectives used have an abrasive, grating quality.
Epstein derogatively writes: " Proust says that in art, medicine, and fashion, there have to be new names, by which he meant that new names will arise whether they are worthy or not of being known.
Thus, remittances are generally directly re-invested in promoting further migrations, rather than being spent in what is, somehow derogatively, called "conspicuous" consumption.
276, where the "baseborn women" are even more colorfully and derogatively termed "bastarde greche e populari.
So it was interesting to read, some two or three years later, about o'haryzm -- a phrase which sounds nice in Polish, although Krzysztof Koehler, who coined it, meant it somewhat derogatively, if I remember correctly.
Instead, it is marketed, derogatively, as `household' milk chocolate.
The "multicultural" struggle for equity derogatively labeled "politically correct" and the "demagogues of diversity," threaten the Bill of Rights little, compared with the demagogues of real power, corporate monopoly, national security and media complex.
The residents of Hartigan's first neighborhood, Briggs, are largely southern migrants from Appalachia, derogatively called "hillbillies".