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Why would an artist choose to name herself the very epithets derogatively applied to marginal members of society?
SIR - One complaint often made against our monarch is that she does not truly represent all the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, and is often referred to derogatively by critics as the Queen of England.
Opium addicts swiftly grew in numbers and, by the 1880s, Chinese were, derogatively, referred to as a nation of 'Opium Eaters'
Thus, contrary to the popularised trope of Beat women (in this particular instance I refer to both the authors and bystanders of the movement who participated in their dress, mannerisms and hang-outs, and perhaps would be more accurately, though derogatively, labelled "beatniks") as silent, ghostly apparitions dressed in black, coffee and cigarette in hand, Johnson suggests that she chooses to remain silent as a means of empowering herself to observe about the occurrences within the movement as opposed to becoming too attached or involved.
However, the history of Indian and Indic paper in Southeast Asia, rather derogatively called 'wallpaper' by a previous generation of cataloguers, is still awaiting its researcher.
from outside (sometimes derogatively known as "patent
She sets off the novels of Judith Hermann, Karen Duve, and Silvia Szymanski--who, as a group, have been labelled derogatively as a new Frauleinwunder--from the initial Frauenliteratur of the 1970s, yet makes the case for an inclusion of this new pop literature by women in the critical discourse on feminist writing.
Because of its weight the palace began sinking into the alluvial soils of the banks of the Tiber, and almost immediately was derogatively nicknamed "palazzaccio.
We can see several joking references to the contemporary climate and anti-French sentiment in Northanger Abbey, not least when John Thorpe refers derogatively to the great Frances Burney as "'that woman they make such a fuss about, she who married the French emigrant'" (43).
When informants reported that dek saep were mostly village or rural youth, it was often expressed derogatively.
com support Net neutrality, feeling that pocket prioritization, which they derogatively call "price discrimination," will give an unfair advantage to large companies and hurt small businesses, non-profits and individuals.
Educators have also widely portrayed APA youth as the "model minority," while peers often derogatively stereotype them as "nerds" or "geeks.