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Reynolds was a calculating conman, peddling a seductive line in tales of heroism, derringdo and heartache.
Resistance fighters plot to kill a top Nazi in an enjoyably old-fashioned slice of Boy's Own derringdo.
As well as the acrobatics and high-flying derringdo, it's a 21st-century affair with CGI added to the big top experience, too TUE 17 | DTIME for the red half of the city to gird its loins and go through every good luck ritual imaginable as Mr Klopp's boys take on Sevilla, at St Jakob-Park, in Basel, Switzerland.
Nodding towards Shakespeare's 400th anniversary, we began with the Prelude Walton composed for Olivier's film of Richard III, music surely far too uplifting for such bloodthirsty derringdo, nevertheless confidently, warmly delivered here.
By far the most compelling, and certainly the most widely adopted, explanation favored the comic book, whose lurid depictions of derringdo captured the imagination of susceptible teenage boys like Jerome, Robert, Melvin and Jack.
If this were a cheap action movie, we'd be cheering Vinciguerra's derringdo and the bloody comeuppance he was able to visit on his captors.
Of specific interest to Air Force space professionals, aside from the stories of Yuri Gagarin's derringdo and Gherman Titov's spacewalking exploits, are the chapters on strategic systems: missiles and satellites.
Nevil Shute--an aeronautics engineer turned 'prodigiously productive' author, as he is described in Fallout penned potboilers of wartime derringdo interspersed with markedly more ambitious works: A Town like Alice, Beyond the Black Stump and Trustee from the Toolroom.
These were no ordinary times, they were extraordinary times with amazing tales of derringdo and unimaginable bravery.
The Lt Commander's heroics are like a Boys' Own tales of derringdo.
A glance at the calendar reminds us that this tale of espionage and derringdo starring Chris Pine as CIA analyst Jack Ryan is coming to theaters in January, the traditional elephant burial ground for major studio releases.
The Ultimate Record' is the ultimate reference book rather than a flowing story lavishly describing derringdo or deadly-do, unlike 'United: The First 100 Years' also produced by historian Paul Joannou and his sturdy team of helpers.