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With her book This Crazy Time: Living our Environmental Challenge, Tzeporah Bennan joins her powerful voice to the descant.
In addition to presenting easy to learn countermelodies for vocal descants, a recording of each descant is available to choir singers by visiting website, www.
From 1928 until 1939, a Dolmetsch descant recorder cost about five guineas.
During lunch, Jim Drew of Bowen, Miclette, Descant & Britt, discussed "How Insurance & Bonds Affect the HDD Business.
Massachusetts Review, Aura Literary Arts Review, Bottom fish, Descant,
Rosemary Robinson will play the spinet with Caroline Jones playing the descant, sopranino and treble recorders.
His work has appeared in Descant, Quille and Quire, Dandelion, and the Poetry Canada Review, among others.
I have only a few comments to add to his excellent response, suggesting a few further areas of pursuit--a kind of descant to Bendix's melodic line.
At night, when the children are sleepy from romping, the sailors in descant sing their shanties; Captain Campbell waves his clay tobacco pipe to mark the time; perched on the sailors' knees are Louise, Letitia, Lucien, and Achille, all in their monogrammed nightgowns.
Rees points out the correspondences between this account of descant and that in, for example, British Library, Ms.
A Free descant recorder is included in this edutainment CD-ROM which focuses on Tchai-kovsky's ballet score.
The descant - that 'Butskellite' solutions across the world have suffered in the wake of economic distress, much of it stemming from the oil price crisis of the early 1970s, and that the divorce of economics and 'welfareism' is disastrous - is not sung as heartily as it might be.