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If a hymn phrase repeats, so does the descant phrase.
Pricksongs & Descants led me to Bobs novels, to The Origins of the Brunists, whose barbed critique of political and religious institutions and how they function in a small mining town is something I feel a certain kinship toward.
I had the access to my Paxman descant and I put an 8D bell flare on it.
From 1928 until 1939, a Dolmetsch descant recorder cost about five guineas.
In this 'German fingering' the size and position of the right-hand holes had been altered from the original designs, so that one played the first five notes of the scale (CDEFG on a descant and FGABC on a treble) simply by lifting one finger after another.
The outside of both the descant and treble instruments were based mainly upon Hunt's own measurements of an original Bressan treble recorder that he had been given some years earlier.
Rushworth kept stocks high in England, but when the school orders became very large, they got Herwig to bring out a really basic descant recorder for schools, one that enabled the price to be even lower than his other recorders, and more in keeping with what Hunt had originally had in mind.
109) Thus it was with the Hamlin descant that the recorder really had a chance to 'take off in schools'.
The evacuation of schools to country districts, and therefore the increased need for portable instruments such as recorders (122) at a time when mass production in wood was impractical, meant that the concept of a plastic descant recorder was quite logical.
During the war, only the little descant recorders were being manufactured in plastic.
Little children can reach the holes only in the high descant recorder, with the result that all music must be arranged and transposed for this one instrument.
Coranto' for 'Sopranino' and Descant, (circa sixteenth century), Fifth Concert, 24 July 1931, Haslemere Festival Programme of Concerts, 20 July-1 August 1931, archives of the Dolmetsch family, Haslemere, Surrey.