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If a boy's testicles fail to descend, many surgeons recommend operating before the age of two.
Descend a short distance then turn left up a bank through a wooden kissing gate into a grass field and join the Greensands Way.
The icing's not that bad, so you stop your climb at 8300 and tell me, "Approach, N3AB is leveling at 8300 and needs to descend back down to 7000.
4 : to come down from an earlier time <The custom descends from ancient times.
The controllers reportedly instructed the British Airways aircraft to descend from 16,800 feet to 16,500 feet and the collision avoidance system was triggered.
When that painful experience repeated itself for the second, third, fourth and fifth time, I had to consciously choose to process these genealogical realities in a way that did not psychically relegate me to being a man who descends from multiple rapists.
Do we long for the Spirit to descend upon all God's people or tear ourselves apart from those who cause us to fall?
Now, the things that descend from the dominion (malakut) to the kingdom (mulk) are in a similar situation.
In just over half a mile, turn right by the communication towers and descend the good track to the NT car park at Hidcote Batrim.
Meanwhile, the other two Hornets had good radar pictures and began to descend.
This allows the probe to descend through the atmosphere slowly and start collecting data.
As we climb over or descend into impossible obstacles, the Range Rover cheerfully takes charge.