descend from

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A British climber too weak to descend from Mount Everest died on Saturday, officials said - making him the eighth person to die on the mountain during the current climbing season.
(2) When cleared to a waypoint depicted on a STAR, to descend from a previously assigned altitude at pilot's discretion to the altitude depicted at that waypoint." For a "climb via" SID clearance, AIM 5-28.e--Responsibilities--says: "5(b) When vertical navigation is interrupted and an altitude is assigned to maintain which is not contained on the published procedure, to climb from that previously-assigned altitude at pilot's discretion to the altitude depicted for the next waypoint."
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A pilot saw a balloon while he was started to descend from 1400 meters above to Istanbul International AtatE-rk Airport.
A common instrument pilot error is to descend from MDA as soon as the runway environment is in sight, putting you in potential conflict with towers, wires, trees or other hard-to-see-in-IMC-or-at-night obstacles the charted VDP is designed to help you avoid.
British and Irish people descend from immigrants, or you could call them invaders which were European Celts, saxons, Normans, Romans, Vikings.
For Criterion 83.7(e), the petitioner must show its members descend from a historical Indian tribe or tribes that combined and functioned as a single entity.
Washington, Feb 10 (ANI): A new study has provided further evidence for the theory that birds did not descend from ground-dwelling theropod dinosaurs, and it actually might be the other way around.
a quiet reflection, like a cracked mirror." The poet is overwrought as he exhorts: "Let the earth weep, treaded bare / Let the flowers droop their heads in sorrowful shame / Let all the poems descend from the heavens / Tumbling; / To impede nature's wrath."
5 : to come down from a source or ancestor : derive <Many words descend from Latin.>