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Organisers say the event will promote all that is great about Liverpool's nightlife as a host of DJs descend upon the Water Street venue.
As Russian snowstorms descend upon us, let's look back to the infamous 'Big Freeze' of winter, 1962/3, which caused so much havoc.
The last minute confirmation of the world-renowned hair guru has sent waves through the fashion and beauty conscious community of Abu Dhabi, as they prepare to descend upon the capital's exhibition centre for the annual bridal extravaganza.
A galaxy of stars, including Hollywood firebrand director Oliver Stone with his controversial bioepic W, is set to descend upon Dubai.
Beginning on 22 November business people from Arab countries and the Gulf states will descend upon the northern West Bank city.
As an ex PR guru, she will more than likely have the desired presence on doorsteps and press the right buttons, but the media circus which her husband wished to avoid on a family outing to Disneyland Paris, will more than likely descend upon Glenrothes and turn things into something more akin to a rugby scrum.
Contenders from the Braille Chess Association will descend upon Durham University next month for the European Individual Chess Championship.
The Rose of Tralee festival is an international competition which sees 250,000 people descend upon the town of Tralee in Co Kerry for one week each summer.
Do we long for the Spirit to descend upon all God's people or tear ourselves apart from those who cause us to fall?
Tonight, the priests and priestesses of darkness from across the globe will descend upon the Steve Allen Theater -- coincidently, reachable at (323) 666-4268 -- for a sold-old pagan party to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan.
They would descend upon a locality after much publicity and stay for week or so, preaching daily sermons mostly on basic Christian or catechetical topics, with an emphasis on approaching the sacraments of penance (confession) and holy communion.