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The ITV show, presented by Jayne Middlemiss, will descend upon the city centre and the public are invited to slip into their Elvis costumes or Kylie hot-pants
And today thousands more will descend upon the city for the Cork vs Kerry semi final.
This March, more than the regular crop of casual spring tourists will be hitting the Strip as two of the construction and demolition industries' largest trade shows descend upon Las Vegas.
College and university presidents, buffeted by swirling pressures to control costs and improve the quality of learning, might well be dreaming of a deus ex machina to descend upon the quad.
As a fan of horror I am always timid about moving to a strange place because we all know that if the house you buy isn't haunted, then there is either something wrong with the townspeople or something evil about to descend upon them.
A host of classic, modified and modern cars descend upon Crail Airfield for a day of racing and showing off.
As an example, a pair of wardens should find it easy to raise pounds 1,000 every lunchtime in Llanishen village when hordes of pupils from our local high school descend upon it and leave a welter of discarded wrappings, cans, bottles, cigarette butts and chewing gum in their wake.
May is the month when the pagan/New Age Beltane revellers descend upon Edinburgh; perhaps he will have more to say then.
It can descend upon anyone from within a plane, a militant group, an oppressive state, a denigrating creed, a racist nationalism or an international cause .
The reserve with which she begins the novel breaks down as the horrors of the war descend upon the five main characters, who come from two families of different social classes--the war eventually destroys the pretensions that allowed these castes to exist.
With a quick swish of your wrist you can cause millions of ravenous locusts to descend upon the world's food supply
The pitch: Two brothers, one extroverted and one introverted, descend upon a San Francisco rave.